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  1. T-44 = best tier 8 medium.
  2. I was gonna say Napolean, but you beat me to it. I saw a NeauSchitteSherlock the other day.
  3. You're spotting for pubbies. lol But seriously, don't "scout." If you can get easy, risk free, spots fine, but mainly you are waiting for an opportunity. I don't mean sitting some where. I mean recognizing developments on the mini-map that will give you an in-road into the other teams butt-hole. You really want the guys you are shooting at to be shooting at someone else. And the 131 is bad ass. Hell of a little tank. I like it much more than the 132.
  4. I see my clan has totally collapsed in my absence.

  5. T44 > CDC > Indien IMO Would go with the CDC over the T44 but absolutely no armor puts the T44 in front.
  6. You're a lght bluenicum. Personally I would say once you hit 2k overall = bluenicum but that's my opinion this same goes for my other account as well
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