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  1. Got away with a warning in wot forum... But thread not deleted? So strange. People can easily google the name and find the link anyway. Here is the T92 replay using that mod. http://wotreplays.eu/site/2691303?secret=01dcf2fd1346994123bcb1131b75f118 After searching, I think they said the mod file is .exe file. A lot of them refuse to use it.
  2. ZuluFoxtrot

    Panzer 58 Mutz: Bear With Me

    Just got this tank because I missed it earlier in SEA. I felt betrayed.... Can get some good games, but when it's a shit game, then its shit games all the way. WR in Mutz at 41.3% atm. Just got the 6sense, don't know if it will get any better. I love my Crom B, but not this, hull down is overrated with Mutz, my rental KR did better and I would go back playing my SP.
  3. Cheers! Edit: Stupid game lost my replay.... Edit2: Didn't lost it, apparently it saved to temp.wotreplay
  4. ZuluFoxtrot

    How to recover when everything is going wrong

    I always got bad games when going too aggressive, then i realize when I did that, my pubs teammate cant provide support. So try to keep in mind whether your pubs teammate can provide support or not. If I'm not playing HT, I let them be meat shield and I flank or provide cover fire.
  5. ZuluFoxtrot

    tag sniping (in)specifics

    Just last night, someone that I don't know in my own team suddenly just shot me twice... A few weeks ago, some Viets start mocking and taunting.... I said "What the hell...?"
  6. ZuluFoxtrot

    WN8 Discrepancies

    Happens to mine too. WN8 1530 in XVM, 1464 from Wotlabs. I played a lot in T-54mod1 and Cromwell Berlin.