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  1. Zap you are the man! Driving a slow, turretless, paper tank with low hp and managing the horror that you have gone through is unbelievable to me. Churchill GC OP pls nerf If anything you've probably just made others happy that they finally got to kill a Churchill GC and get their british expert medal.
  2. rest in pepperonis AWFUL. The irony has become not so ironic anymore.
  3. No felix why you leave... But in all seriousness have a good time in your future clans! I would recommend SNPAI for sure. Great group of guys.
  4. Wow. For once this looks like a Tier 10 TD I am interested in.
  5. Pretty much what zap said, there's many opportunistic tactics and positions that mediums can utilize to win games. The 30 second countdown is just as important as the rest of the match, because you have to plan what you are going to do. Look at your tank lineups and their tank lineups and where to go on the map. Avoid any unnecessary trades in the beginning of the match if you can. Your HP is really important in the beginning of the game and losing most of it forces you to play conservatively and not do as much most of the time. Situational awareness as everyone has said is very im
  6. I haven't played in over 3 months myself. It's gonna be interesting when i touch this game again.
  7. If only you raged like me, you would become a redhead. No wig needed.
  8. Trying to reach 2k overall and it's taking so long. Too many games. However the XVM camo is very nice lol
  9. Am I the only one who thought permatracking was a word?
  10. I played 50 100 but not lorraine 40t. Looks like you know the basic playstyle, but be more aware of your surroundings and look at your map. Look at the enemy hp and your teams hp and decide when or when not to run away. Be with your allies and support them obviously, but don't be afraid to tell your front line tanks to use their armor and HP because it is their purpose of being up there. It's got a long reload too, so try to be near somewhere safe and use the "reloading" command every single time you're reloading the mag so that your team will realize they need to protect you. Assuming that th
  11. As a guy who gets easily salty, this happens to me a lot too. I find that I do better when I'm calm, but most of the time it is hard to control myself and play well. I haven't played the game in over 2 months, but I still remember all of the saltiness I had. Heck just look at my profile picture, and you know exactly what kind of person I am. lol If I start to tilt, I will usually platoon because I have a lot more fun playing with friends than having 14 other people on my team that don't even understand the simple game mechanics. If I can't I just simply quit. I would just keep the bad gam
  12. This happens way too much. C1 is a pretty popular spot that I see IS-7s and T110E5s camp all of the time, when they are the perfect tanks for taking over A1. TDs can be nice for C1, but they need to be aware of the game development. If you get south spawn and go A1 with like an IS-7, there's even a tiny rock that hides the lower glacis and with an IS-7 there, it becomes almost impenetrable, and it will be very effective in battle. Same with the E5, and even some other heavy tanks.
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