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  1. 1. What was your lesson type and duration? (e.g. 2-man lesson, 1 hour) 2, 2 hour sessions 2. Was the session enjoyable and fun? Very much so 3. Was the session educational and informative? Do you feel like your play has improved? Yes I do actually 4. What is your opinion of Valachio as a tutor? Top rate 5. What can Valachio improve upon as a tutor? Carry harder 6. Would you take a lesson from Valachio again? Yes, already plan to 7. How would rate the experience out of 10? (e.g. OP/10) 10 out of 10
  2. For some reason over the past week I have been playing terribly. Its hard to even finish a day with my daily wn8 matching my overall. I generally play 40 or so games a day give or take and usually finish with a 2k wn8 give or take. But as of late I am just playing like total shit. Granted, I have not been playing my usual tanks as I am grinding for the E100 but even when grinding I was playing well. Now I cant even play my favorite tanks decent. My recent has dropped over 200 points and the only thing that has remained somewhat constant is my win rate. I just cant seem to pinpoint what I am do
  3. Ok thx. I wasn't going to do it just wondering how much effect it would have on the crew '
  4. If I have a 5 skill crew in my IS3, trained for the IS3 but then switch the crew to my IS4 without training them for it, how much does that affect crew performance?
  5. I love my Super P!! People are dumbfounded as to where to shoot it half the time and I end up bouncing 2 and 3 times my hp in many matches!
  6. I have the IS6 and Super P. Both are pref 8s and both make money even shooting gold. I find the Super P to be awesome. Don't get me wrong, I love the IS6 but the Super P is becoming my fav tank to play
  7. I LOVE my super P. I avg about 1400 dmg per game even though I kinda suck and though I fire almost all gold I still make money
  8. I ran up the Brit and US heavy lines but I am really loving the playstyle of the USSR heavy line. Im more of a brawler than sniper and enjoy the playstyle a lot more though the t29 is the best t7 heavy at tier. Wicked hull down protection. Welcome!
  9. Looking for people to platoon with, preferably other heavy players, tiers 6-9. Don't have to be great just decent and maybe we can learn from each other. Currently grinding the Soviet heavy line and crew grinding in the IS6. If your interested, hit me up in game!
  10. Welcome! I love this site and have learned a lot since joining! A great group of people here
  11. So after recently posting on here I received some help from some Bluicums, Lemming Rush and Gilette which have been big helps in my gameplay. I have learned some valuable lessons and realize I AM NOT cut out for tier 10 play yet by myself. I love my T110E5 but it will just have to wait while I learn more. I seem to do pretty well in my Conq at T9, (AMAZING GUN!!) though its total crap armor! Gilette suggested I try med's to learn a different style of play and to see where the pieces of the puzzle all fit together to make a better team and what roles each fills. Now I have heard of "sealclubbi
  12. Thx Zap. I will do that. I ran several battles wit a member of HAVOC today and he helped a lot. I know one of my biggest weaknesses is situational awareness and when to be and not to be aggressive. He did say I wasn't bad for just 3k games played, just noob mistakes which I hope will work out with time and exp. But Ive taken to heart a lot of what Ive read on this forum, (I gave up on the WoT forums) and am playing my E5 which I got today. I do think its the best way to learn since you get a higher caliber of player (generally) in the t10 matches. I didn't do horribly today.... (cough)... but
  13. Yea I'll have to add him! I worked with a bluicum today and he pointed a lot of things out I was and wasnt doing. One of my biggest issues is situational awareness. But I am trying to be more mindful of the big picture rather than just whats in my sights. Consistancy is another problem but again, Im trying!
  14. Hi, I am Anavar, aka Jason and have been playing since Feb of this year and am looking to get better. Im close to 3k games and play the US and Brit heavy lines. I have tier 9s in both and will have the T110E5 this weekend. Im am slowly progressing with a wn8 of 784 last check but seem to fluctuate each day with a smattering of fantastic games followed by being seal clubbed the next. Im hoping to find a mentor who can help me become a better player and a more effective teammate. I play everyday in the afternoons Texas time and would appreciate and help I can get. Ive watched a lot of vids fro
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