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  1. nabucodonsor

    Even QB?!

    If only their intention was to make a game good rather than sales. There is a reason why russian tanks are great/OP compared to other lines because russian players need to feel OP when they drive their tank. This is also why most german tanks suck because russians need to feel that they are shitting on them especially the legendary Tiger 2. You know WW2 is known in Russia as the "Patriotic War" and their enemies were German and yadda yadda. New lines instead follow the policy of being balanced because they cant harm russian supremacy, but at the same time people will not grind bad lines so they need to not suck or be OP. This is why the Italians and Polish ect are good but not OP. Exceptions are made when you need a line for retards such as the SConq and Type 5 or StrvB.
  2. nabucodonsor

    Facepalm - winter edition

    It's balanced in russia. Uncle Stalin is worried about your opinion. Maybe you are too stressed working for filthy bourgeois. Abandon your money and property to WG thus freeing yourself from the enslavement of capital. And then why dont you go for a holiday, maybe hop on train to Siberia. Have a fun weekend in a frendly Gulag! That's what they said. Maybe they will "find a way around it". Check the comments.
  3. By looking at the comments it appears: - WG has found a way to go around the gambling issue related to lootboxes so they can sell the boxes even in Belgium - WG employee replying on EU comment section: Yes, gifts... please note that we don´t share details about boxes... more details very soon! Stay tune! -DelhRoh; maybe free stuff? - Lefefefefefefe is going to be sold. So no more lower tier gameplay.
  4. nabucodonsor

    Even QB?!

    Reducing HP is a bad idea as in this way turbo battles will become insta battles. HP allows better players to trade but also allows newer/bad players to make mistakes. So I'd rather buff the HP to make battles last longer or nerf the alpha on bigger guns. And nerfing the alpha is the best solution because if you reduce the dpm on gold dmg you are nerfing those tanks that need it the most aka mediums, to fight heavier targets who in return can instead easily pen the softer tanks. In this scenario medium and light tanks would have to trade HP alpha and even dpm for some extra mobility. So the best solution imo is to nerf the alpha all around plus a nerf to gold ammo alpha's. Another thing that should be done is reducing the view range on tanks from tier 8-10 to allow spotters to play a bit better.
  5. nabucodonsor

    Even QB?!

    Or just do what they did in blitz where they nerfed the dmg on premium ammo and made it just another type of ammo, reduced the alpha on bigger guns and more armored vehicles. Reduce RNG from 25% to 15% and so on. The solution is there they just dont want to do it because they cant milk their player base as much.
  6. nabucodonsor

    Even QB?!

    Which are overshadowed by the russian duo (268v4, 430U), SConq, OP premiums, arta being annoying, russian bias, crap maps, MM ect. But I agree the best thing for WoT are non gamebreaking things and the best thing about the Polish tree is that they have weakspots one of the things that made this game great. And not mini weakspots or in Type 5 fashion, but true weakspots even for standard pen. A thing that amuses me is that either QB was hit by the proverbial apple or he always knew about this stuff (not the server population thing, but of how broken the game is) and he is finally saying what he really thinks. I believe it is the second option and if true, it makes me wonder if WG approved the video before release and so if they knew about it, or if he noticed a drop in viewers which pushed him to a change of style. Again if I had to bet I'd go for the latter. We will see anyway in 2019 with WG's announced balance changes
  7. nabucodonsor

    Even QB?!

    So I was browsing Youtube and I stumbled on this: Well he sort of put into numbers what we said. If WG analized their data they should have fired Murazor with a cannon as WG downfall started with him. I still dont like his fake gentleman attitude but the data he "collected" and the research he did is interesting. It also points out WG's agenda and how they do things. Nice to know their marketing department is great (not for the game though). Thoughts?
  8. nabucodonsor

    The Lansen (tier 8 Swedish Medium Premium)

    How much do you want to bet that this tank will have crap soft stats and bad terrain resistance? Just like the CDC. Because this thing is not russian blyat
  9. nabucodonsor

    T49 -- Land Arty in a Bite-Size Package

    Do you really need all that premium HE? The only difference is when you need to pen Bats frontally. Also why dont you carry HEAT? It is great to get some nasty pens on the side of some german tanks and cezch tanks frontally.
  10. nabucodonsor

    What happened to this game: my opinion

    Nope mistake my bad. I thought WoWP had been dead for years so i just assumed you were talking about Wot
  11. nabucodonsor

    What happened to this game: my opinion

    Murazor happened. Short term mindset to not remove arty from the game. Incompetence and focusing only on getting as much money as possible.
  12. nabucodonsor

    I can't come back to my Obj 140 after playing with 430U

    The great thing about th 430U is that it can be useful during the mid part of the game where it can brawl with heavies or when top tier bully lower tier tanks to win a flank. The other mediums can't so they are limited to a support role that nerfs their carry potential.
  13. nabucodonsor

    I can't come back to my Obj 140 after playing with 430U

    Wait until WG nerfs it. Or don't because even if it happens WG will never nerf it for real
  14. Fuck the E3 seriously. The amount of impossible ricochets and misses I get with this retarded gun is beyond me. I bounced a fucking Conway twice in its turret and twice a Strvb, an Amx Cda ect, 

    That gun has trolled me more than the ISU's and t49 combined. And it always misses or doesnèt penetrate targets I need to hit to win the game.

    The armour works only hulldown since even tier 8s pen me, and the side armour is fucking retarded. The t95 is a better tier X than this pile of shit

    1. OperatorError


      Why aren't you playing the Russian version that goes twice as fast, like Uncle Stalin intended? 

    2. nabucodonsor


      Because I am tired of russian tanks.

  15. nabucodonsor

    What affects mobility?

    @leggasiini tl;dr: p/w terrain resistance and probably a hidden stat that revolves around transmission