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  1. LOL this is the adverse effect of eating too many crayons. Or cocaine. Or STDs from unprotected sex with hookers. Or a combination of all the above.
  2. I gave a chance to the "new" Frontline: base C is almost impossible to cap. WG's touch at its finest

    1. DirtyACE7


      Treat it only as a way to grind credits and xp but mostly credits. That is it. Nothing more, nothing less. Then you will feel much better playing Frontline. Personally, I've actually started to enjoy grinding credits. Something I absolutely disdain.

    2. 8_Hussars


      Agreed, it's normally a tough slog but like the rest of the caps it Is team and RNG dependent.

      (Small sample size)  A platoon of two of us with a helper fast capped "C" twice in a row right off the hop.  The defenders just need to be in slower tanks and relatively passive.  Obviously, we were just going for the fast cap to re-spawn elsewhere but things worked out.  

      Not sure there is "meta left".  Was on a team that could not take A (and I was trying)... but managed to take B/E and C/F and had the objectives down in my quickest game (10 minutes and change)...

    3. SoliDeoGloria


      Only really reliable way is to wither defenders down, or wait for B to lose, and have people coming in from the side, until you can just stack a couple of tanks on the cap. The thing is, the way it plays out is different every time.

  3. I agree with what you only that the avg player skill is so low now that theoretical stallmates are most of the time broken by the amout of incompetent players one team has over the other. What you say is absoluty true though and you see this especially in CWs when a team decides to camp. Or ranked games. Tier X suffers even more also because of how punishing tier X tds are due to their ridicule alpha/armour and relative low hp of most tanks. If you think about it an average tank with 2,3k hp is 3 shotted by a 750 alpha gun, meaning if you get hit even once by an average td your chances to push/carry a game are reduced by quite a bit. Considering how broken some positions are (Lakeville base for an E3, south city Ruinberg ect) the only way to win without arty is wait until they make a mistake (or HE spam). Add to the equation the loss of 400-500hp from an arta shitter and with one mistake/miscalculation half of your health is gone from one td-arty combo (or triple arty combo lol). And this is also why the SConq is so broken as it can hold a defensive position very well (due to great combo of dpm, armour and gun depression) but it can also push or hold a more aggressive position thanks to its ability to sidescrape (negating the lower plate weakness), good hp pool, and contrary to tds, fantastic gun handling and a fully rotating turret.
  4. So I just watched Shishx platooning with Orzanel and another youtuber playing the 260. Holy shit it is as fast as a Batchat with a 440 gun and has armour? Russian engineers must have have been geniuses.

    1. woe2you


      Also standard APCR with workable handling. It's a beast, I don't regret the blood, toil, tears and sweat.

  5. Looking at the Chieftain it seems o me that a good way to pen it when non hull down is to face hug it. Tanks like the IS7 or anything with a good turret should do the trick as it is very low to ground. Also tall German tanks should have a easier way to pen it on close range. HEAT helps as the hull armour is more sloped than thick.

    Still it is broken as fuck and it should be nerfed or have never been introduced.

    Also the turret has a clear IRL weak spot where the machine gun is, but WG being WG of course did not model it. 


  6. So WG has gone from iper-retarded to futher beyond. Luckly I have stopped playing
  7. So while playing the t49, because it is the one of the few fun and unique tanks left, I noticed that a friendly 277 could keep up with me....

    GG WG. This game is broken beyond repair. 

    1. MacusFlash


      Powercreep is everywhere. 

  8. I got so tired of seeing so many arties that I TKed all 3 of them on my team. No regrets. Feels good man. Oh and I dont care if ruined their game. They just play to ruin mine so fuck them.


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. monjardin


      God bless you, sir!

    3. Jesse_the_Scout


      One of the perks of doing arty missions is that when the game is wrapping up as a win you're in the perfect position to nuke a clicker on the way out. Drop an "ALLAH AKBAR" in chat for extra lulz.

    4. nabucodonsor


      It's the first time I TK all of my arties, I always repeat myself " it is not their fault, blame WG for this stupid mechanic" and " you will just make your team's game worse ect". But Jesus Christ having these scumbags in every single game, seeing them drown themselfs to deny you the final damage, punish you for being aggressive just pushes (clicks) my buttons. Anyone who plays arty either does that for the stupid missions or/and to fuck other player's games, so for once in my life I wanted to fuck them. It is their fault too, they know that they just make everyone's game worse by clicking that red button.

      Probably I should quit this game like I am slowly doing without realizing it.

  9. Never played against a hull down JT have you? Also JT gets 2,1k HP and it's German (= sexy) and not bad for once
  10. WG: buff E5

    Player base: E5 too OP OMG NERF REEEE

    WG: ok E5 nerfed but we will also add the SConq which is stronger than the E5 ever was even after its buff

    Player base: lets rush for the OP OP new tank. Zero fucks given about "balance issues"

    WG: $$$

    1. Assassin7


      I never got that either

    2. nabucodonsor


      Because the playerbase is retarded.

      When the E5 was introduced it had no competion so it felt more OP than what it really was. By the time the E5 was nerfed and the SC was introduced we got used to the idea of OP tanks. So now WoT has become Call of Duty: Russian tank simulator with few exceptions. And the E5 payed the price for it.

  11. 268v4 would like to have a talk with you sir
  12. Does anyone know if the xmas  rewards are still collectable?

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    2. Hellsfog


      Crew are in your barracks. I claimed the discounts so I can't check but the only way I know to claim them was through the giant snowflake. 

    3. Hellsfog


      QB said that the discounts need to be applied before 1.4 goes live. 

    4. nabucodonsor
  13. Since when tier 4 or below are considered WoT? They are another game and frankly I never play them, I just try to go trough them as fast a possible. WoT starts at tier 5 where you learn how to angle tanks flank ect. Before it is just a tutorial to learn the controls. If you say that I was lucky ok I guess I must have been. Nevermind what I say I will not convince you that whatever the IS has over the IS2 the simple fact it gets 250 HEAT and better armour it makes the chinese better. So IS2>IS due to prem and armour. So lets agree that we disagree.
  14. ..... I have like 66,7 WR with over 2k wn8 solo in 86 games with it and I am not a good player. Grinded from stock. I did not get the extra HP the top turret gives you. 50 HP might not look much but it is at such low tier. Hell a 100 HP gap can make a impact even in tier X games. Also there is no difference in speed (check the terrain values; actally the IS-2 is faster but nothing to brag about) and difference in bloom is negligible: 0.02 is not a big deal. And hitting shots is related to final accuracy which is the same. Btw since you should not be sniping with it but either bully or support up close, I dont see the problem with the bloom values. Just take shots and let Mao guide it. 250 HEAT makes a huge difference when you need to pen Type 4s FRONTALLY. With an IS you have to relocate ect. So I'd rather have more pen and better effective armour values than 0.02 bloom when moving around That is pretty much the opposite. Tier X punishes way more for mistakes than any tier below it. I drive my Cromwell like a retard with zero fucks given sometimes even in tier 8 games.
  15. OP asked for hidden gems. Everybody know that the t29 is OP. IMO t25 AT is on par if not better than the t29
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