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  1. However you can start with it at the beginning of a battle which ia good to rush positions and do early dmg
  2. With the rammer removal the dpm drops to lower than a bat chat If this is the reason WG is retarded
  3. Or like all their hidden stats generally are much better than on other tanks
  4. And an EBR can simply rush you, spot and run circles around you while half of your team fails at hitting it. True its good at scouting but the bs that an EBR can pull off is too much. If a team gets a car and the other doesnt the team with the car wins.The EBR is that much better than any of its competitors. Also the EBR has a much better gun than any tier x light tank as it can leverage much better the lack of pen by just being way better at flanking due to its incredible mobility. Furthermore the view range difference is just 11% and can be capped to 430 which is enough to spot as
  5. Why would you play it though? Even if it is #2 it is still bad when compared to any tier x. I have it and its just a bad obj 140 due to the gun being so unreliable and having way less hp. And while it's fast it isnt a wheelchair. So it's just a tank that fails at being a medium and a scout that fails at scouting
  6. Dont know really It is what i read on some comments But I couldnt say to the OP fuck arty lol. I mean I wanted but i didnt
  7. Tds: stop at su152 Meds: stop at t54, skip all the others except the t44 maybe Heavies: Go for the is7/ 277 line. All good bar 257? Arty: should be all decent. People say 251 is good tier 7 good Lights: just no. They all suck Maybe get the 430u if you really want a tier x Get the kv2 and su152 these are the ones you really have to play with
  8. I love how the 430U really needed a better camo rating than a bat chat in WG's eyes. And if i recall correctly camo is determined by the tank's size (height). Because of course a tank as small as the 430U can have a 160mm thick frontal plate, a crew of 4, 90mm russian side armour, room for 50 shells plus an engine powerful enough to move 42ton tank and a stalinium while a bat struggles to keep 30 shells a crew of 3 in a paper thin tank. I bet that the suspensions are made from the mustache our dearest leader Stalin.
  9. I friend of mine works in England and he reported the same situation. Though it is true it is more region dependent as even here in Italy the situation is different depending on where you go. However the areas where the virus peaked are generally high densely populated areas therefore many have suffered from less access to care. Bear in mind that many who are sick prefer staying at home rather than going to the hospital as they are afraid of catching Covid. This is why ERs are generally empty atm from what I know. Yeah you got lucky but also you handled the situation better as y
  10. The mortality rate is probably much higher than that in my opinion as the general opinion considers only the deaths directly provoked by Covid. Noone really thinks about those people who cannot recieve treatment due to hospitals focusing only on COVID patients: for example if a patient with a stage 1 cancer (like uterus carcinoma) cannot be operated due to the fact that ORs are used as ICUs, they will more likely die since they cannot be operated in a stage when the tumor is still resecable, as the cancer will grow to a point that it is either inoperable or very risky to remove. Thu
  11. Man I wish you the best sorry to hear that. I hope you get better soon.
  12. True unfortunatelly being OP is a market gimmick and therefore they do plan a way to unbalance a certain tier (or more probably they dont give a fuck about balancing). You can make tanks with gimmiks that are not OP or not broken. For example the JPE100 is a broken piece of trash that is bad from a perfomance and gameplay point of view whereas the JT isnt as the tier 9 has a role and does not have the ungodly alpha the tier 10 has. They both are gimmicky but one is broken while the other one isnt. Every single tier 9 can somehow be playable or decent while we all know that most tier
  13. God no they would fuck up those tier too. The reason why tier 8 and 10 are horrible is because tier 8 is for grinding credits and 10 because its the final level its where people want to get ect And therefore WG has to make it so there is ubalance so people can throw money gold or whatever to have a certain tank
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