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  1. I don't have it but I guess dont rely on your armour at all. When sidescraping lift up your gun like you dont care to cover the weak turret roof. Just play it like a support tank unless you are facing tier 6s or tier 7 mediums.
  2. Is the Leo1 worth getting? It is probably the last tank I will ever research and purchase but I dont really want to sell the PTA just in case I will not enjoy the Leo 1 more.


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    2. EvilMonkee


      No.  I recently ground out both and the Leo 1 despite its buff, is mainly fucked by the current toxic T10 meta.  At least with the PTA you stand half a chance of getting a T8 game occasionally.  I surprisingly really enjoyed the PTA, even though it derps occasionally.

    3. Kolni


      leo1 is the only tier 10 worth playing

      but pta is better tier for tier

    4. EvilMonkee


      I love the tank, but the meta is the issue.

  3. Sooo I guess I am more wierd than I thought.

    Apparently my WR with the 5a is 49% but my WR with the HWK 12t is ....... 60%???!!!!

    Can someone explain plz?

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    2. Kymrel


      Might be a combination of (relatively speaking) few battles and the fact that it's that much harder carrying on tier 10? I know I'm shit at tier 10 and find it boring so I mostly avoid it. It's a very different game than at tier 9 due to all tier 10 battles where you get nuked for one mistake.

    3. sohojacques


      HWK 12 treated me really well while grinding out the PTA. The introduction of the wheelies took 3% off my WR (down to 57%) while grinding out the RU 251 though. Their autoaimed HE spam vs the HWK’s abysmal shell velocity ... it was a painful adjustment period. Just had to give up on so much early spotting. Less WVs yoloing around now though. Could be fun again.

    4. Wanderjar


      any chance some of the hwk12 games were from back when it wasnt a pile of trash and the RU was still t8?

  4. Playing the PTA is so much fun!

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    2. Deus__Ex__Machina


      its highly underrated ATM

      the buffs made it insanely good 

    3. nabucodonsor


      Its not only good it is fun to play. I enjoy the playstyle alot. 

      I enjoy playing the support role and believe it or not it is one of the few tanks who is able to flank.


    4. Audax_Bellator


      I've loved that tank ever since WG gave it 8 degrees of depression a few years back and the new buffs have made it more enjoyable to play. I rarely shot premium because of the high standard round pen and ability to make small flex movements and hit what you aim for semi-reliably and I've maintained %96 three mark for a year and a half.

  5. Vstab is the only worth it as it gives you a 5% boost to handling. Anything else gives you boost around 2% or less (Ivents is 1%). Ofc they are compared to the regular version. I have Ivstab on BC and 5a and it makes the handling on these tanks much better
  6. It looks like a STI that went to Chernobyl and came back like one of those three eyed fish from the Simpsons
  7. Oh yeah they are going to fuck it up pretty badly. But I believe alpha should not be nerfed they should rather increase the HP because: A) buffs are always better appreciated B) everyone likes big numbers and big booms. Also I forgot to mention before that they would also have to tone down the RNG aspect on pen and accuracy as otherwise weakspots will always be hard to hit even at close ranges.
  8. Buffing the HP is a given thing considering how fast teams crumble these days. Buffing the alpha is a stupid idea as you are not fixing the problem. Actually they are making it worse by buffing TDs who already don't need to spam gold. So practically when you will make a mistake you will punished much harder. For example TDs with 750 alpha on the live server need 4 shots on avg to kill a Maus. On the Sandbox server, taking in account the HP buff to it, it goes down to just a bit more than 3. As I have said before the WG does not understand how their game works especially the HP stat. A way simpler idea is to just remove gold rounds, bring back weakspots and call it a day. In this way you can balance tanks around their pen and add some dept to the game. For example you could give higher pen to heavies than mediums but increase HTs pen drop over distance. Let's imagine an IS7 with 270 AP pen vs a 260 APCR 140: at a 100m the pen on both tanks is the same as their original stat, but while the pen on the heavy starts to drop after the 100m, the medium's pen starts dropping at 400m. Also the IS7's pen at 300-400m should drop quite a bit forcing the assault heavy in a more cqc role. Furthermore mediums would keep a higher shell velocity while heavies will have the better normalization value to help them a close range. In this way tanks that cant flank at all should have enough pen to go trough the WEAKSPOTS of opposing tanks. TDs on the other hand would be the tanks who lose the least a longer ranger while keeping the highest pen. You could add even more dept to the game by differentiate tanks of the same kind by tweaking their pen/pen drop: for example sniping tanks like the Leo1 will have a lower pen drop than a 430u and a higher shell velocity. EZ but this would take more than two brain cells I guess
  9. The special rounds will retain the highest armor penetration amongst all shell types, and a high probability of inflicting damage as well. With these revisions, their alpha damage will likely be lower than that of basic shells, and their price will be higher. Special rounds will remain the optimal shell to fire at a heavily-armored target. What? Why? Because it deals less dmg so it is less credit efficient or they will keep the cost higher?
  10. That's why when I tried it a year ago or so I had the purple vstab on it. Basically a 5% to the handling which made it sufficient to snipe or get some snap shots. Also not inaccurate
  11. Leo is a great tank for the random meta: fast and with a great gun when fully aimed. The only thing bad about it was the handling. PS: also obj140 is overhyped
  12. @Kolni just out of curiosity what is your DPG  with the JT? I guess you are one of those people who could pull an avg over the 4k mark. Maybe even over the 4,5k?

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    2. Kolni


      also after the 357 changes tier 9 mm is nowhere near as abuseable right now so you'll probably see a global drop in dpgs there, doubtful anyone'll reach 4k+ on the tanks that aren't op af (standard b, t55, e50, t54 are pmuch the only tier 9s i see as 4k+ dpgable right now)

      having played one e50 game since the changes a few days ago, the mark jumped from 95 to 100 in one game, while the mark was done in march or something

    3. nabucodonsor


      So I guess if you did like it you could pull it off easily. Yeah mediums like th t54 or e50 are probably better (or more fun to play) but personally I don't like the t54 as I don't like spremming as much in tanks so derpy. 

      I asked because of how stupidly strong the gun is compared to anything in the tier, 560 alpha with 350 apcr is absurd with that ROF. 

      But yeah it is a bit slow sometimes, if WG buffed the p/w it would be amazing.

      Anyway thx!

    4. Kolni


      more like i don't like it because i'm bad at it :doge: 

  13. Buff to the PTA? Lol so what is the point of the Leo1 anyway. You get the same gun at tier 9 with better MM. I guess they want to keep the old 9>10 meta. So wait in their rebalance they thought that the gold shell on Leo should have been only 315? Because SConq should have more pen right?
  14. Did you ever hear of the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise? (best scene of the entire saga)
  15. WG is amazing in its own way: it always make you think it can't go any lower YET it still finds a way to sink even lower. GG
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