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  1. Wow this guy is a legend 

    @kolni do we have someone who can challenge the god

    Btw comment section is so retarded

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    2. Ham_


      I can't stand 279 gameplay, it just looks so braindead driving through open fields farming combined damage

    3. kolni


      considering i dont like playing armoured stuff i doubt id ever be able to do this, still haven't done my chieftain yet so :serb: 

    4. nabucodonsor



      Yeah Ham i agree. Tanks like this should not be part of the game

  2. You clearly havent seen the mortality rate in Italy. Over 600 people died yesterday It isnt the plague but its killing so many people its insane
  3. Was the now tier V elc always this slow? I swear it was much faster before. Still the gun is lol at tier 5. 240 alpha is broken

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    2. nabucodonsor


      Yeh it feels sluggish but the gun is nuts 

      High pen and huge alpha for the tier

    3. hazzgar


      It was much faster and the gun having a narrow arc is BS but the tank is broken with a good crew.


      Not only the Gun itself but also remember it has ELC EVEN 90 camo in t5 where tanks are lucky to hit 445 with binos. 

    4. echo9835


      Min/Maxed on camo and the AMX is sitting pretty at 44.77 on the move. No camo net on tho.

  4. Ok news from Italy. The situation is steadily getting worse as it is spreading even more to the center and southern part of Italy. Apparently the virus is starting to attack even fit middle aged adults and also young adults with no other illness or comorbidity. The ICUs are packed with people so many wards and ORs have been turned into ICUs. However now the virus is spreading even to the doctors and nurses, cutting the already limited hospitals staffs. In the meanwhile, over 300 people have died TODAY, although experts believe that the virus is slowing down due to the drastic measures taken by the government.
  5. Quick question: is the is7 the only tier x that can play aggresively/aggro? I want a tank that can play in the first line.

    1. king_spaniel


      I'm guessing you mean heavy tanks specifically - also do you mean tech tree only tanks or would you include CW/personal missions rewards tanks?

      Anyways, assuming you mean heavies - the answer is no the IS-7 isn't the only one, there's other tanks that can do it:

      Obj 277

      obviously the T95/Chieftain (which is why it's a staple in competitive)

      then there's the Obj 279e and Obj 260

    2. lavawing
  6. In my experience the Bat can struggle doing dmg as you often cant reload twice before the game is already over...
  7. Well shops for the moment seem to have enough in stock however they are going to be closed on Saturday and on Sunday. Therefore I will hate to go shopping tomorrow morning since I want to avoid huge queues as only small groups of people are allowed to shop at once. Apparently, you can go for a walk, but you must show a certificate if the police stops that you are simply going for a walk and doing other illegal business such as visiting a relative. The government has told us to stay at home if possible and leave only if necessary. It feels like we are in a war zone.
  8. Well now in Italy anything that isnt a food market, a newsagency or a postoffice is now closed. I am not allowed to leave my house to go to see my parents unless i there is an emergency. People have to show permits to go to work. Apparently i cant even go out for a walk. The police is monitoring the roads and questioning people on where they are going ect. This situation is terrible
  9. Well as you might know Italy has been put in quarantine. It feels weird its like we are at war but no fights are happening. 

    I hope no one I know gets sick....

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    2. mistervanni


      i still have to go to work due to being involved in public sanity, but maybe next week we have smartworking turns, right now its hard to find something to eat downtown, only supermarkets are open :( no coffe is a pain :rabble:

    3. nabucodonsor


      feels bad man

    4. Never


      News reported a confirmed case here in the comune today, and people so far have been very "unconcerned" to say the least. People were gathering near the local Famila, chatting and sitting close together. Doesn't bode well I think.

  10. Not Kolni (God) ofc but my strategy was to get spotted once shoot run disappear for a while. Arty players prefer focusing on immobile targets. If you play super slow heavies there are two ways imo. Camp like a td or push a flank. Pushing is more risky and sometimes you get nothing if you do it at the wrong time. However especially if you have optics you can try spottimg for your team and get tons of assisted dmg.
  11. How do you play the city? I never have and if i am a slow tank I just go to the hills poke disappear for a while and repeat Or kemp bush
  12. If it had more shells you could play it like a cromwell. Shoot first think later. However if you miss most of the shots you take and you dont have enough to throw at you enemies there is no point in having that dpm
  13. The fact that WG wants me to download the WG center has stopped me from redownloading the game.

    Thank you WG you are helping me to overcome my addiction

  14. Does anyone have the photo of Gasai's beedroom?

    I need it to show someone how disturbed people can be

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