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  1. Wow this guy is a legend 

    @kolni do we have someone who can challenge the god

    Btw comment section is so retarded

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    2. Ham_


      I can't stand 279 gameplay, it just looks so braindead driving through open fields farming combined damage

    3. kolni


      considering i dont like playing armoured stuff i doubt id ever be able to do this, still haven't done my chieftain yet so :serb: 

    4. nabucodonsor



      Yeah Ham i agree. Tanks like this should not be part of the game

  2. Was the now tier V elc always this slow? I swear it was much faster before. Still the gun is lol at tier 5. 240 alpha is broken

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    2. nabucodonsor


      Yeh it feels sluggish but the gun is nuts 

      High pen and huge alpha for the tier

    3. hazzgar


      It was much faster and the gun having a narrow arc is BS but the tank is broken with a good crew.


      Not only the Gun itself but also remember it has ELC EVEN 90 camo in t5 where tanks are lucky to hit 445 with binos. 

    4. echo9835


      Min/Maxed on camo and the AMX is sitting pretty at 44.77 on the move. No camo net on tho.

  3. Quick question: is the is7 the only tier x that can play aggresively/aggro? I want a tank that can play in the first line.

    1. king_spaniel


      I'm guessing you mean heavy tanks specifically - also do you mean tech tree only tanks or would you include CW/personal missions rewards tanks?

      Anyways, assuming you mean heavies - the answer is no the IS-7 isn't the only one, there's other tanks that can do it:

      Obj 277

      obviously the T95/Chieftain (which is why it's a staple in competitive)

      then there's the Obj 279e and Obj 260

    2. lavawing
  4. Well as you might know Italy has been put in quarantine. It feels weird its like we are at war but no fights are happening. 

    I hope no one I know gets sick....

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    2. mistervanni


      i still have to go to work due to being involved in public sanity, but maybe next week we have smartworking turns, right now its hard to find something to eat downtown, only supermarkets are open :( no coffe is a pain :rabble:

    3. nabucodonsor


      feels bad man

    4. Never


      News reported a confirmed case here in the comune today, and people so far have been very "unconcerned" to say the least. People were gathering near the local Famila, chatting and sitting close together. Doesn't bode well I think.

  5. The fact that WG wants me to download the WG center has stopped me from redownloading the game.

    Thank you WG you are helping me to overcome my addiction

  6. Does anyone have the photo of Gasai's beedroom?

    I need it to show someone how disturbed people can be

  7. Quick question: why are some of you guys coming back to the game?

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    2. hazzgar


      I have adhd which leads to bad impulse control

    3. Private_Miros



      You're not alone, read my analysis of working points in coming back.

    4. kolni


      bad life decisions

  8. So can you play this game without downloading anything for 2 days?

    And the worst thing is that replays become unreadable.

  9. Apparently the most OP tank in this game is not the Chieftan, but the ISU 152 on a good day. When the gunner is guided by our lord and saviour Joseph, the gun can hit a Linx at full speed at 400m and destroy half of its wheels, hit a ELC on the move, track it and set on fire, pen an Emil 1's turret, and hit and track a moving IS3 leaving dead for you allies to kill.

    4 shots 3k dmg. When it works it works.

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    2. j_galt


      When shooting fast movers RNG is your friend.  The same probability that makes fully aimed misses so rage-inducing also makes full bloom hail-Mary snap shots comically satisfying - and just as memorable.

      Shameful arty kills of full speed, jinking, light tanks  come to mind.  You know, the ones where he blinks out just as you decide to shoot and the black marker appears a square and a half away from your "aiming" point.

    3. BadLuckCharm


      The trick is to actually get a good day.

      I don't know a lot about actually having good days in tanks, but i do know it happens - I'm often the target of a good day. :microdoge:

    4. echo9835


      DA! Is stronk tenk. 

  10. @Kolni_GodofTanks are you still doing the replay thing?

    1. kolni


      yes. pm games, t9+ only no chieftain im so sick of that tank

      no cherrypicking games, full sessions 5+ games or i wont do it

    2. nabucodonsor


      Ok let me get some replays and i'll send them.

      PM here or on wot?

    3. kolni


      here, got no acc bud

  11. Wait the new german premium has 490 alpha at tier 8?


    Uff WG just stop plz

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    2. Matross


      490 does sound like a lot, yeah. Even the 440 alpha on the Defender seems a lot sometimes. 

    3. Diriz0n


      The gun is all it has. Besides, it has really bad DPM

      SU152 in tier 7 can deal upwards seven hundred, even nine hundred? Sturer in tier 7 deals 49O

      Its a mediocre IS-M, or Chrysler, that trades away its shit for alpha.


    4. nabucodonsor


      Infact all those tanks are imbalanced

  12. WARNING: the following video may cause a severe IQ loss. Watch at your discretion.


  13. Quick question about the new mode: why are bots better than most humans? Also can I play with the pve team?

  14. Is the Leo1 worth getting? It is probably the last tank I will ever research and purchase but I dont really want to sell the PTA just in case I will not enjoy the Leo 1 more.


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    2. kolni


      leo1 is the only tier 10 worth playing

      but pta is better tier for tier

    3. EvilMonkee


      I love the tank, but the meta is the issue.

    4. kolni


      just dont get spotted 

  15. Sooo I guess I am more wierd than I thought.

    Apparently my WR with the 5a is 49% but my WR with the HWK 12t is ....... 60%???!!!!

    Can someone explain plz?

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    2. Kymrel


      Might be a combination of (relatively speaking) few battles and the fact that it's that much harder carrying on tier 10? I know I'm shit at tier 10 and find it boring so I mostly avoid it. It's a very different game than at tier 9 due to all tier 10 battles where you get nuked for one mistake.

    3. sohojacques


      HWK 12 treated me really well while grinding out the PTA. The introduction of the wheelies took 3% off my WR (down to 57%) while grinding out the RU 251 though. Their autoaimed HE spam vs the HWK’s abysmal shell velocity ... it was a painful adjustment period. Just had to give up on so much early spotting. Less WVs yoloing around now though. Could be fun again.

    4. Wanderjar


      any chance some of the hwk12 games were from back when it wasnt a pile of trash and the RU was still t8?

  16. Playing the PTA is so much fun!

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    2. Deus__Ex__Machina


      its highly underrated ATM

      the buffs made it insanely good 

    3. nabucodonsor


      Its not only good it is fun to play. I enjoy the playstyle alot. 

      I enjoy playing the support role and believe it or not it is one of the few tanks who is able to flank.


    4. Audax_Bellator


      I've loved that tank ever since WG gave it 8 degrees of depression a few years back and the new buffs have made it more enjoyable to play. I rarely shot premium because of the high standard round pen and ability to make small flex movements and hit what you aim for semi-reliably and I've maintained %96 three mark for a year and a half.

  17. @Kolni just out of curiosity what is your DPG  with the JT? I guess you are one of those people who could pull an avg over the 4k mark. Maybe even over the 4,5k?

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    2. kolni


      also after the 357 changes tier 9 mm is nowhere near as abuseable right now so you'll probably see a global drop in dpgs there, doubtful anyone'll reach 4k+ on the tanks that aren't op af (standard b, t55, e50, t54 are pmuch the only tier 9s i see as 4k+ dpgable right now)

      having played one e50 game since the changes a few days ago, the mark jumped from 95 to 100 in one game, while the mark was done in march or something

    3. nabucodonsor


      So I guess if you did like it you could pull it off easily. Yeah mediums like th t54 or e50 are probably better (or more fun to play) but personally I don't like the t54 as I don't like spremming as much in tanks so derpy. 

      I asked because of how stupidly strong the gun is compared to anything in the tier, 560 alpha with 350 apcr is absurd with that ROF. 

      But yeah it is a bit slow sometimes, if WG buffed the p/w it would be amazing.

      Anyway thx!

    4. kolni


      more like i don't like it because i'm bad at it :doge: 


    1. mistervanni


      gogo miura, dont give up on us!

  19. For Berserk fanbois there is an interview of Miura on reddit. 

  20. Does anyone play DKS3 pvp? I play it on PC and even if the game is 3 years old it is still very active even at high soul levels (meta 125). Invasions are fun and you usually get some gankers. Arena gameplay is not great but can give you some challeng.

    It is a flawed game (lag, most weapons are too similar) but it is fun.

  21. I'm more and more convicend that the best way to play the E3 is either camp base or if you can, drive to to closest spot where you think enemies will be. 

    Seriously whenever I play on Lakeville for example, camping base is the best option. You get OP hulldown spots and if you need to move just go valley or middle road.

    1. simba90


      current meta seems to seriously punish aggression.

    2. kolni


      e3 gameplay is loading autopen gold and trading on range when the enemy is closing in on you so you get enough damage out until they swarm you

      deffo agree that the tank works much better on a losing team with defensive positioning, it sucks dix when it comes to proactively trying to win games instead of playing a losing game to turn it around later

    3. nabucodonsor


      Yup totally agree. The E3 cant push so the best way to play it is to go hull down maybe even on a a losing flank. It can hold for very long if it has an ally that can cover its sides. It works a bit like the JT but the german td can be a bit more aggressive due to the ludicrous HP and better gun arc.

  22. Is it me or the 140 is trash? A 5a is flat out better

    1. kolni


      if you think the 5a is better than the 140 you are playing one of the tanks wrong since they are very different and dont play similarly at all, 5a is a poke/trade farmer and the 140 is abusing rof/handling, the only similarity is really that both can hulldown decently and are mobile

      the gun decides how the tank plays first and foremost, and they differ there so they shouldn't be comparable

    2. nabucodonsor


      Maybe because I have Ivstab on my 5a? When I play the 140 i dont feel it has that much better handling and the armour is very underwelming. Even the turret is easy to pen.

      I guess though i might be playing them wrongly

    3. Assassin7


      Its just you.


      I wouldnt compare the 5A in any stretch of the imagination to the 140. 

  23. I gave a chance to the "new" Frontline: base C is almost impossible to cap. WG's touch at its finest

    1. DirtyACE7


      Treat it only as a way to grind credits and xp but mostly credits. That is it. Nothing more, nothing less. Then you will feel much better playing Frontline. Personally, I've actually started to enjoy grinding credits. Something I absolutely disdain.

    2. 8_Hussars


      Agreed, it's normally a tough slog but like the rest of the caps it Is team and RNG dependent.

      (Small sample size)  A platoon of two of us with a helper fast capped "C" twice in a row right off the hop.  The defenders just need to be in slower tanks and relatively passive.  Obviously, we were just going for the fast cap to re-spawn elsewhere but things worked out.  

      Not sure there is "meta left".  Was on a team that could not take A (and I was trying)... but managed to take B/E and C/F and had the objectives down in my quickest game (10 minutes and change)...

    3. SoliDeoGloria


      Only really reliable way is to wither defenders down, or wait for B to lose, and have people coming in from the side, until you can just stack a couple of tanks on the cap. The thing is, the way it plays out is different every time.

  24. So I just watched Shishx platooning with Orzanel and another youtuber playing the 260. Holy shit it is as fast as a Batchat with a 440 gun and has armour? Russian engineers must have have been geniuses.

    1. woe2you


      Also standard APCR with workable handling. It's a beast, I don't regret the blood, toil, tears and sweat.

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