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  1. 110 is not that bad. Sure before today I had 60% wr and now I lost 4% but I have to blame myself/teams/stock grind for not having a higher one. Ok it does need a engine buff but otherwise is pretty solid.

    I'm not saying the IS3 is not better but this tank is not so bad and for sure it is not the trash you people say it is. 


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    2. nabucodonsor


      I have almost finished the grind.... so it is a bit late to find out.

      Look the turret is good, the gun is good (could be better but the dpm is great), the hull is strong enough to bully tier 7s and 6s and get some bounces form higher tier (i have ended many games with 1-2k blocked). The worst thing is the inability of going uphill but that is due to WG retardeness.

      Is the IS3 better? Yes. Does it need a buff? Yes (mobility and turret dispersion). Is it that bad? No. This tank tier per tier is way better than the type58 which is the dogshit of the line.

    3. hazzgar


      @nabucodonsor how is the hull enough to bully when the LFP is big and anything can pen it?

      Turret is also crap since the top is weak and the front can be penned by high pen guns (happened to me more often than it should). The 110 turret is comparable to OLD pre buff is3 turret from 4 years ago but still worse because worse front.

    4. nabucodonsor


      Wiggle and keep moving. Also lower tier tanks dont have great accuracy so shots might go on ufp. And they need to hit that weakspot to pen you meaning that if you are quick enough they might mess up their shot. 

      I said the turret is good meaning you a) need to aim to pen it b) you need high pen guns. Which means you are relatively safe when hull down. Kinda like a 140. You poke shoot disappear. If you bounce good if not it happens. 

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