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  1. So I am still testing the Leo1 and aside the games where my connection crushed or I did mentally, I have never played a tank that could farm dmg so easily. The gun is fucking amazing especially compared to the STB1's that I am testing which also has iVstab mounted. Combined with the good mobility the Leo feels very fun to play.

    On the bad side I have to admit that arties, Shitbarns and Types are a disaster for this paper machine. They all can pen you (even the type) and do serious dmg even if they dont.

    If anyone of you enjoys the E50m's gun but with more dpm and mobility I suggest you trying it. I cant  recommend you buying it on the live server but you should try it for free on the test server.

    1. nabucodonsor


      Ps: I have the replays if anyone is interested and you dont want to play it. Cant say they are great (even the one with over 12k combined was nothing special) but you can see how the gun behaves even in the handes of a scrub like me.

    2. FavreFan4ever
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