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  1. What have they done to Prok middle? You cant surf anymore! And the hill is fucking retarded they destroyed one of the best maps. Fuck you WG

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    2. hazzgar


      @SaintLaurentius man don't get offended. We are having a friendly chat here and you are being agressive. Also it's nice that you went after my stats despite the fact that wotlabs displays them for some old long banned account. If you really want to compare e-peen I have similar recent wn8 as you with higher average tier but lower win rate so we are pretty similar in skill. 


      Also don't claim I put words in your mouth after you put some in mine and basically claimed I think the mid next to tracks heavy camp is a good spot (even though sometimes it makes sense). 

      Finally saying something is "borderline" useless is just leaving yourself a door to backpedal while saying something useless. If it really was players better than both of us would not use it (Zeven or recently there is a 20k spoted replay by a Kazna guy) 


      So are we going to have a polite and on topic discussion about the mid surfing or are you going to be a dick to me here and in other topics only because I politely disagreed with you and you decided I must be a moron not because of what I say but because wotlabs displays stats from an account banned 3 years ago under my  acc? 

      @nabucodonsor watch a few replays. I've seen some people still get decent results from mid surf but you have to be a bit more cautious. Though the bush shown in Illia Red video seems like a good alternative when mid doesn't work for you. 

    3. nabucodonsor


      I'll look into it thx Hazzgar

    4. hazzgar


      Watch Illia since he is back. He will find new spots soon. Well that or bug Brumbarr for replay packs if he is playing lights since he managed to pul #1 spot on EU recently with a big advantage.