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  1. What have they done to Prok middle? You cant surf anymore! And the hill is fucking retarded they destroyed one of the best maps. Fuck you WG

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    2. nabucodonsor


      I do that too and after I go to the hill to spot people on it, but if you loose it because your team did not go for it, you cant relocate to spot for your campers on the 1-2 line, unless you yolo the bowl or passive spot. The problem is if you go in the bowl you get yoloed by any random idiot and to passive spot you need view range and your opponets to shoot which generally means your allies are spotted and dying to a crossfire since you lost the hill. 

      I guess I have to create a new playstile to make it work and improvise for now. 

      Thx anyway

    3. hazzgar


      @SaintLaurentius the fact that the surf can be countered doesn't mean it's not useful. Every play can be countered so using your logic no play is useful. As for sittin on the tracks - how did you get at the idea I support this? All I said is pubbies do it and surfing will allow you to spot them and your pubbies to wreck them. Your comment seems to stem from some strange idea that both teams make logical, reasonable plays. Do you even play this game? 

    4. SaintLaurentius


      @hazzgarDont put words into my mouth. I said surfing is borderline useless and that it can be negated. I'm just saying I don't get wrecked by the surfing shit when there's no arty and i can counter it somewhat easily with certain tanks.

      And yes, I do play this game, with another mindset and level than you apparently.:)

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