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  1. Obj-277 has killed my last willingness to play Wot. I had fun playing with my clan so I got some competive tanks like the 5a, 113 or the E3. Now thanks to WG policy of "only Russian tanks good tanks da" most of what I have left is obsolete or useless. I have no reason to grind anymore as a) am to tired b) whatever i grind could be nerfed c) I have zero interest of grinding only russian tanks. I'd love to myself a Leopard or Stb-1 but what for? They are trash! 

    Luckly if I ever feel like playing I have a friend's account (that he doesn't use) where I have a t49 to derp around and give zero fucks since no premium or effort is needed. Time to semi-retire my OG account hoping that things change (I might play some games on it but just SHs or some CWs for my clan and to not always play alone)

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    2. lavawing


      277 has been nerfed quite a bit to be about on par with the 5A. Not sure if it will see any use in competitve, though, since the 5A and 430U are both better specialists.

    3. leggasiini


      277 is probably a better/more fun pub tank if anything.

      Reminds me from Object 140 vs T62A scenario (before the obj140 got buffed I mean), where the other is better for competitive, but other one is more comfortable, so its arguably more fun in randoms.

      I like how people REEEE that its useless now, kek

    4. nabucodonsor


      Yeah at least now the WZ has some edge on it. We will see how it will work on live server, or if they will sneak some buffs just before the patch comes out

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