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  1. The HWK12 ouspots the RHM PZ.... So the tier 8 is a better scout than the tier 10 even for the tier 10 meta. Knowing WG they will fix this by nerfing the tier 8. So fucking retarded.

    1. sohojacques


      On paper the HWK looks like one of the very few tech tree tier 8s worth playing. It seems to be flying under the radar so far. 

    2. hazzgar


      HWK has better camo? Since the RHM has 10m extra VR 

    3. nabucodonsor


      Yes way better camo as it is smaller. Though the HWK outspots the RHM by 0.X meters so not by much. Anyway this proves once again how stupid WG is at balancing tanks. Not that I complain about a german tank to be OP for once (the HWK) but WG has to fix the tier X lights that arent russian.

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