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  1. QB: " the 430U has the same aim time as the STB1" no mention to the soft stats tha make the real aim time on the STB1 much worse.

    " The 430U has a turret worse than the t62A" sure QB whatever

    How the fuck people still listen to this guy in 2018. This is almost fake news.

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    2. MagicalFlyingFox


      Except how he reviews things is fucking stupid when it comes to tanks that are clearly OP like the Defender, which according to him, is perfectly fine. 


      I couldn't really care how digestible his information is to the masses, but glossing over WG's shitty balance decision to the point of almost shilling for WG is another thing. 

    3. nabucodonsor


      Or he could have said "the 430U has a very big gun with 440 alpha dmg, with the same aim time as the STB1 but with better soft stats so in reality it aims faster". That would have taken him what like 5-10 seconds to say? The video would have been briefley longer so more view time for him and it would have been correct. It would be digestible for the masses has he has already talked about soft stats before.

      He chose not to, he didnt care or he was too lazy to say so. I dont know and dont care why but the fact remains that his info is not correct and a simple fact check could fix all of his statements (example like the Bobject which took him months to "realize" that it was OP). 

      As I said before it still suprises me that people still watch him considering how misinformative he can be.

    4. tajj7


      The majority of his viewers won't give a shit either way, even if he did mention the soft stats they wouldn't know or notice that difference. They are generally an ignorant mass who will have already decided something regardless of what he says. If it's Russian med, it's OP as the comments on the K-91 show, it i's a new premium it's OP and pay to win, even though the last like 10 prems WG have released have been nothing of the sort. If the replay is a unicum he'll be spamming gold, using mods, people will actually comment on that before even watching most of the replay. Most of them are ignorant, deluded bobs, who will believe whatever they want about the game if it excuses them in their own mind for being shit. The few that are not, well they learn the basics from QB, and he is good for stuff like that and then they will find out the other shit on their own, they are not the sort of people to take someone's word verbatum, they will go out and research stuff and learn so they can form their own opinion. I seriously doubt very many of QB's viewers are going to be influenced on whether he says a tank is OP or not, he just annoys the people who already know.