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  1. QB: " the 430U has the same aim time as the STB1" no mention to the soft stats tha make the real aim time on the STB1 much worse.

    " The 430U has a turret worse than the t62A" sure QB whatever

    How the fuck people still listen to this guy in 2018. This is almost fake news.

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    2. Tman450


      the 430U has practically no aimtime LUL

    3. nabucodonsor


      @TheMarine0341 The STB1 has actual higher aim time due to the worse dispersion values. The way QB put it can seem to players that do not understand the game, that the 430U and the STB1 close the aiming circle at the same time, which is ofc not true.

      And as Legga said 430U's turret is stronger than the t62a.

      So what he did was giving his audience inaccurate and wrong information. This bothers me because this is how you "manipulate" people into thinking wrong things. Until it happens for a videogame, noone gets hurt so it isn't a big deal. Problem is this thing happens a lot lately with more important facts that happen in this world.

    4. TheMarine0341


      I still dont have a problem w/ what he said. Yes, the STB has worse dispersion. Most of WOT players never see anything greater than tier 6. Most WOT players only care to look at the numbers they can see in the garage, which show the STB as having better aim time. In a boiled down momentary review, you simply cannot go over soft stats and have it easily digestible for the masses. Ive tried.

      Before Dance left WG, I was working on an article for her, breaking down MM and tank type vs tank role and deployment. A decision that literally takes most people here about 10 seconds. The article broke 3 pages, and I was barely 50% through what needed to be digested due to the mass of things which I mentally go over, but now had to try and get on paper or spoken. In editing, I had to change for example considering the strength of the enemy lineup vs my roll, and how I could position first to have the greatest impact, to "heavium do MT stuff" "heavy go where your armor works". It broke down to raw numbers, easily available to all, instead of the nuances we have to consider every step of the way.

      Thats all QB takes the time for: Bare basics. He equips them with knowing at least what questions to ask themselves if they want to improve. And we all know, pubbies 90% of the time, wont. Might as well give them something. In this case, milk. If you expect more from him, quit watching as you're clearly beyond the milk he delivers. Watch UberBigCheese if you want Steaks, or Circon, or Skill's stream.

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