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  1. Anyone excited for the new season of ranked that happens in August when people are on holidays kappa?

    Cant wait to see Bobjects vs Types aka Stalin vs Gojira. Uh it sounds like a horrible B-movie. 

    The hilarious thing is that WG still advertises it as a skill based mode where you fight the best players. Welcome to the skill meta!

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    2. nabucodonsor


      And to think that on blitz they made the tumor smaller yet strong (like on the t32).

      I'll never understand why they dont make the same changes for PC. Hell even the Leo has 0.1 dispersion on traverse and hull rotation instead of the abysmal 0.17 it gets on PC.


    3. TAdoo87


      @nabucodonsor blitz is a relatively new game I guess there are a lot of people who will still grind those tanks, so they have to be somewhat desirable.

      In wot everyone and their mother has both of them, so they don't have to be good. No money will be spent on the game just to get those tanks. The only way to monetize those tanks is to make them shit so you either grind something else or you spend more credits on consumable and gold ammo to negate their mediocrity.

      That is how those piece of shits at WG think about the game we once loved.

    4. hazzgar


      @leggasiini to me bobject still snaps fine. My WR in it since 1.02 went up by 2% to 71% and I can't play well since 1.0 bececause my laptop pulls 15fps and I average 57-61 recent instead of 61+. Bobject is bad for dmg farming though but it wins games. 

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