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  1. Anyone excited for the new season of ranked that happens in August when people are on holidays kappa?

    Cant wait to see Bobjects vs Types aka Stalin vs Gojira. Uh it sounds like a horrible B-movie. 

    The hilarious thing is that WG still advertises it as a skill based mode where you fight the best players. Welcome to the skill meta!

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    2. TheChang


      It's sad that if WG reverted the T110E5 back to its buffed state, which was considered quite over-powered by many, it wouldn't even be that strong compared to "meta" tanks now.

    3. leggasiini


      @hazzgar I mean, yea, but it does well on losing games, so I rarely lost chevrons with it, and got to rank 15 without too massive issues, so...


      Bobject is way more unfun to play, I can see the HP nerf mattering with HE spam and it cannot snapshot anymore like it could which is kinda a big deal. Its still strong, just shit to play. It really wasnt all that common last season, either, so there is that.

    4. Assassin7


      The fact that the E5 went from having o e of the best WRs on the server to one of the worst with no real changes to itself is depressing :(

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