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  1. So 7k spotting to WG is only worth 1 gallon. Nice

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    2. nabucodonsor


      If people weren't shooting at spotted tanks then we would not have a game where you goal is to shoot at other tanks. 

      I was the one who took a risk for my team by spotting for people who just had to aim their cursor from a safe position. It was because of my efforts that they could shoot at those tanks, I gave them the possibility to do so. They just had to take advantage of my work.

      I cant control what my team does, but if they are too stupid to shoot a red tanks they should play at something else. As I said before I was the one who won the game.

      What I am trying to say is that if LTs are designed to spot so they should recieve a exp bonus for doing their job.

    3. Kolni


      it's really as simple as you scratch their back and they scratch yours

      you didn't win the game, the team did? if you spot shit no one can shoot then that spotting is absolutely worthless outside of the information that they are there? you need teammates to shoot what you spot so no, without dealing direct damage from a standpoint of outmacro-ing both your teammates and enemies along with micro to keep your damage up then you didn't solo win the game at all. 

      if you'd get bonus xp for doing things the tanks are already good at then you'd break xp beyond repair, it'd be the equivalent of 268v4'ing the XP formula

    4. nabucodonsor


      Fair enough you have a point.