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  1. I have just realized that the 430U has more and better armour than the IS4 and the Lewandosky or whatever the tier X polish is called. Hell it's more amoured that the 705a. And these tanks are supposed to be super heavies.

    This is sad. And bad.

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    2. nabucodonsor


      It has probably the second best turret in the game, better for sure than the IS4. The UFP bounces most regular rounds unangled and is weak only to prem. LFP is tough even for tier 8s when angled and sidescraping is a monster. The IS4 works only when angled at 45 degrees

      The only weakness is that it cant facehug as the hull roof is overmatchable

    3. Kolni


      third best, sconq turret is still better because of the stupid shields

    4. nabucodonsor


      Not really the SConq has the cupola and the lower frontal part of the turret weak to 340 HEAT while the 430 has a weakness only around the gun. Now against 325 APCR they are both immune, but SConq's turret can be overmatched (and I just discovered this ) by 155mm guns while the 430's turret can not be overmatched.  Against very high pen guns they both get much weaker but to me is seems they are on equal terms in this regard.

      So i think the 430 is  better.