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  1. Even QB says the Leopard 1 sucks and deserves a buff. I guess someone at WG allowed him to say so? Does this mean future buffs?

    Or maybe they'll do what some people have been suggesting like downtiering the PTA and  Leo1 and introducing the A1 as tier X.

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    2. Haswell


      Compare the STB, 30B and Leo 1, what makes the Leo shit in comparison? I haven't played any of the 3 so I wouldn't know.

      Anything that isn't a RU med is shit anyways.

    3. hazzgar


      @Haswell STB isn't great either but better gun dep, smaller turret that trolls people, higher dpm. Also stb gets less bloom on the move.

      As for 30b it's also not a worldbeater but it has much smaller bloom, much higher dpm and a turret that can bounce even if you have an idiotic weakspot


      Overall both of their guns are better at shooting on the move + have higher dpm. Leo has gun bloom like a turreted TD 

    4. Haswell


      So there you go, you can at least buff the Leo to somewhat enjoyable levels without making it broken. Hell, just making it a reskinned 30B will be fine too, not that people care much about it anyways.

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