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  1. I got so tired of seeing so many arties that I TKed all 3 of them on my team. No regrets. Feels good man. Oh and I dont care if ruined their game. They just play to ruin mine so fuck them.


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    2. monjardin


      God bless you, sir!

    3. Jesse_the_Scout


      One of the perks of doing arty missions is that when the game is wrapping up as a win you're in the perfect position to nuke a clicker on the way out. Drop an "ALLAH AKBAR" in chat for extra lulz.

    4. nabucodonsor


      It's the first time I TK all of my arties, I always repeat myself " it is not their fault, blame WG for this stupid mechanic" and " you will just make your team's game worse ect". But Jesus Christ having these scumbags in every single game, seeing them drown themselfs to deny you the final damage, punish you for being aggressive just pushes (clicks) my buttons. Anyone who plays arty either does that for the stupid missions or/and to fuck other player's games, so for once in my life I wanted to fuck them. It is their fault too, they know that they just make everyone's game worse by clicking that red button.

      Probably I should quit this game like I am slowly doing without realizing it.

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