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  1. Apparently the most OP tank in this game is not the Chieftan, but the ISU 152 on a good day. When the gunner is guided by our lord and saviour Joseph, the gun can hit a Linx at full speed at 400m and destroy half of its wheels, hit a ELC on the move, track it and set on fire, pen an Emil 1's turret, and hit and track a moving IS3 leaving dead for you allies to kill.

    4 shots 3k dmg. When it works it works.

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    2. j_galt


      When shooting fast movers RNG is your friend.  The same probability that makes fully aimed misses so rage-inducing also makes full bloom hail-Mary snap shots comically satisfying - and just as memorable.

      Shameful arty kills of full speed, jinking, light tanks  come to mind.  You know, the ones where he blinks out just as you decide to shoot and the black marker appears a square and a half away from your "aiming" point.

    3. BadLuckCharm


      The trick is to actually get a good day.

      I don't know a lot about actually having good days in tanks, but i do know it happens - I'm often the target of a good day. :microdoge:

    4. echo9835


      DA! Is stronk tenk. 

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