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  1. So can you play this game without downloading anything for 2 days?

    And the worst thing is that replays become unreadable.

  2. Apparently the most OP tank in this game is not the Chieftan, but the ISU 152 on a good day. When the gunner is guided by our lord and saviour Joseph, the gun can hit a Linx at full speed at 400m and destroy half of its wheels, hit a ELC on the move, track it and set on fire, pen an Emil 1's turret, and hit and track a moving IS3 leaving dead for you allies to kill.

    4 shots 3k dmg. When it works it works.

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    2. j_galt


      When shooting fast movers RNG is your friend.  The same probability that makes fully aimed misses so rage-inducing also makes full bloom hail-Mary snap shots comically satisfying - and just as memorable.

      Shameful arty kills of full speed, jinking, light tanks  come to mind.  You know, the ones where he blinks out just as you decide to shoot and the black marker appears a square and a half away from your "aiming" point.

    3. BadLuckCharm


      The trick is to actually get a good day.

      I don't know a lot about actually having good days in tanks, but i do know it happens - I'm often the target of a good day. :microdoge:

    4. echo9835


      DA! Is stronk tenk. 

  3. @Kolni_GodofTanks are you still doing the replay thing?

    1. kolni


      yes. pm games, t9+ only no chieftain im so sick of that tank

      no cherrypicking games, full sessions 5+ games or i wont do it

    2. nabucodonsor


      Ok let me get some replays and i'll send them.

      PM here or on wot?

    3. kolni


      here, got no acc bud

  4. Why would you go to the city when you can camp base and get 4k ez. Lakeville is so fucking retarded
  5. Oh come on don't take it personally Plz dont go we are just joking. As I said you are one of the few who keeps the forum active. Noone wants to kick you out. People here jut like to dick around.
  6. Can we change the @Dirizon to @Diriz0n rather than kick him out?
  7. Basically I was the guys Diriz0n mentioned. But i carried the game ending up with 5k dmg
  8. Well I had this game on Mountain Pass last night. 10/10 strategy, 5k dmg game truly deserved. Such a dynamic gameplay http://wotreplays.eu/site/5023020#mountain_pass-nabucodonsor-t110e3
  9. Dont listen to them they dont mean any harm. And quite frankly you are one of the few who keeps this forum active. Dont let them push you down. They are just joking, although i guess they really want to know why you type the way you do. It is sad to say but unfortunately this game has broken our will to talk about it, so many would rather make fun of you than seriously discuss about the many game's flaws.
  10. What's the problem with the 5a? And the k91 is trash
  11. Hello friend! Basically WG has been necroing the game in a last attempt to get some bang out of it. Nothing new except tier X is even more boring and unplayable.
  12. Oh shush at least they keep this forum alive. We need some drama to spice things up a little.
  13. Wait the new german premium has 490 alpha at tier 8?


    Uff WG just stop plz

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    2. Matross


      490 does sound like a lot, yeah. Even the 440 alpha on the Defender seems a lot sometimes. 

    3. Diriz0n


      The gun is all it has. Besides, it has really bad DPM

      SU152 in tier 7 can deal upwards seven hundred, even nine hundred? Sturer in tier 7 deals 49O

      Its a mediocre IS-M, or Chrysler, that trades away its shit for alpha.


    4. nabucodonsor


      Infact all those tanks are imbalanced

  14. How many of them were released before the OP premium tank era? How many after? Look it's all a business model. You make some of them OP so those who can afford/will spend only for one will buy it. The rest are either for collectors or for crew training purposes or because that is the tank of my nation. Why do you think the best tanks for each "competitive" tier (6-8-10) are "premium" ? Including 907 and Co. which dont make more credits but you know what i mean. WG business model is: "sure you can play for free but if you want to be competitive you need to pay"
  15. Coz the tanks you listed are better than the tech trees. Is anyone going to pay for a tank that is worse than the one you get for free? Am I the only one who replies seriously to his posts?
  16. WARNING: the following video may cause a severe IQ loss. Watch at your discretion.


  17. @Dirizon if you read my post you'd notice that I said that the game is more about pressing the 2 key than being good at aiming at weakspots that aren't pennable with standard rounds. My point is that you NEED GOLD to pen those weakspots. Try penning the cupola of a Type 5 or SConq without gold. It is extremely hard and most of the time it you will bounce. This means that you will LOSE many games if you dont load premium ammo. What's the point of aiming if you bounce anyway. Sure we can both agree that you still need to aim at those "weakspots" even with gold but you need to PAY more credits to do so. So first you press the 2 key then you aim. Hence 2 key > aiming. About arty: it's still cancer. Even if you get for only 400 dmg remeber that you still lose 20% of you HP if your tank has a total of 2k HP. It is a huge amount you pay for just playing the game. 3 arties focusing you can bring your hit points so low that can have a huge impact on your game, limiting your capabilities to carry. It's the same shit just with a different flavour.
  18. To sum up what happened, Gold ammo for free made heavies useless therefore WG thought that they should buff armour rather than removing premium shells. This has led to power creep which means that some tanks can steamroll a flank because nothing can counter them. As a conquence battles last less and less. The power creep has made the game dumber as people are less worried about aiming and more about pressing the 2 key. So many have left. In addition WG has made huge PR mistakes (like the Foch gate), created OP tanks for the month (which drive people away because their tank was now suddendly shit like E5 after the Sconq) and OP pay to win premium tanks. These mistakes have pushed people away from the game especially good players making the playerbase worse and smaller. More bad players over good ones has helped the rise of turbobattles as bad players do not know what to do and die early hence the quick falls of teams. Arty still sucks and still punishes you for playing the game. WG has made maps with many OP camping spots. Pubbies tend to push them and die. So practically you either drive a unpennable tank and murder the poor bastards who cant do shit to you or you camp and punish idiots who make mistakes and then clean up. This is the new meta
  19. Quick question about the new mode: why are bots better than most humans? Also can I play with the pve team?

  20. I don't have it but I guess dont rely on your armour at all. When sidescraping lift up your gun like you dont care to cover the weak turret roof. Just play it like a support tank unless you are facing tier 6s or tier 7 mediums.
  21. Is the Leo1 worth getting? It is probably the last tank I will ever research and purchase but I dont really want to sell the PTA just in case I will not enjoy the Leo 1 more.


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    2. kolni


      leo1 is the only tier 10 worth playing

      but pta is better tier for tier

    3. EvilMonkee


      I love the tank, but the meta is the issue.

    4. kolni


      just dont get spotted 

  22. Sooo I guess I am more wierd than I thought.

    Apparently my WR with the 5a is 49% but my WR with the HWK 12t is ....... 60%???!!!!

    Can someone explain plz?

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    2. Kymrel


      Might be a combination of (relatively speaking) few battles and the fact that it's that much harder carrying on tier 10? I know I'm shit at tier 10 and find it boring so I mostly avoid it. It's a very different game than at tier 9 due to all tier 10 battles where you get nuked for one mistake.

    3. sohojacques


      HWK 12 treated me really well while grinding out the PTA. The introduction of the wheelies took 3% off my WR (down to 57%) while grinding out the RU 251 though. Their autoaimed HE spam vs the HWK’s abysmal shell velocity ... it was a painful adjustment period. Just had to give up on so much early spotting. Less WVs yoloing around now though. Could be fun again.

    4. Wanderjar


      any chance some of the hwk12 games were from back when it wasnt a pile of trash and the RU was still t8?

  23. Playing the PTA is so much fun!

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    2. Deus__Ex__Machina


      its highly underrated ATM

      the buffs made it insanely good 

    3. nabucodonsor


      Its not only good it is fun to play. I enjoy the playstyle alot. 

      I enjoy playing the support role and believe it or not it is one of the few tanks who is able to flank.


    4. Audax_Bellator


      I've loved that tank ever since WG gave it 8 degrees of depression a few years back and the new buffs have made it more enjoyable to play. I rarely shot premium because of the high standard round pen and ability to make small flex movements and hit what you aim for semi-reliably and I've maintained %96 three mark for a year and a half.

  24. Vstab is the only worth it as it gives you a 5% boost to handling. Anything else gives you boost around 2% or less (Ivents is 1%). Ofc they are compared to the regular version. I have Ivstab on BC and 5a and it makes the handling on these tanks much better
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