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  1. Not at all. But I spend my free time with my family most of the time You are no physicist, are you? It was a swipe at you for your previous post, regards your "meron". For me it is narrow minded to assume someone is "gimping" him/herself by not using certain elements of the game. I am just stunned how much efford you put into googling stuff and arguing on the internet
  2. I'll just assume you don't know better. Well, the the Yang-Mill theory would see this differently
  3. I always laugh when I see people loading mainly gold for 3marking tanks. I don't even carry gold on some t10 tanks and 3marked them.
  4. I am not 100% sure, but did they model the second cupola on the super pershing now? I think i got hit there a couple of times.
  5. Sometimes I really do not get the hassle people are having with certain tanks. I'm 122 games in it with a 62% winrate and 1900 average damage. I hear so many complains, and just want to ask around, why you think the tank is an underperformer? It has very good mobility It rarely (if never) needs gold rounds (i carry 3) It is a singlegun medium with the option to dash out three shots very fast. It is a better Panther II and can be played like one. The good mobility helps to relocate quickly. For me this tank is a logical continuation of the two predecessors.
  6. So, I wanted to share my 1.0 FPS experience. I currently run the game on ULTRA and, only the shadows on medium and object LOD on once below max and i get 80 - 100 frames. Under harsh conditions when 10 or more tanks are displayed it sometimes goes down to 75 FPS. This is very nice, i must state. The CPU is by no way a bottleneck, as @Folterknecht feared it to be. My CPU rarely goes over 17 - 20% of load, even with havoc enabled. So long: Thanks for all your help PS: I sold my broken 270x for ~80 Euros. Geez, even though i made it perfectly clear it does not work anymore.
  7. SO, the 1050 ti arrived today and I ran the Encore "Benchmark". OLD (270x) Ultra all on: 7342 OLD (270x) AA off: 8992 NEW(1050ti) Ultra all on: 9764 NEW(1050ti) AA off: 12322
  8. Sadly, no. I still need to work I did not, but I was using the Encore test system recently. With my 270x i had around 6000 Points on Ultra, iirc. /edit: Might be, but the CPU is still working, the graphics card not so much ;-)
  9. Thank you for your input. I guess I will order then. Unless the mining boom stops over night :-)
  10. Updating the CPU would most likely result in a full platform upgrade. It is an AM3+ CPU and getting a new CPU (i.e. Ryzen) would result in new RAM, new CPU, ner Cooler. That would be something to get in a couple of month maybe I read, that the 270x and the 1050ti would perform "alike". Does the extra 2GB of vram make that much of a difference?
  11. Hey everybody, I'm currently running a R9 270x, but the card is near its end of life cicle and needs to be replaced, because it is damaged. Since I am a bit tight on money at the moment (bought a car and sofa) I was thinking to get a 1050 ti (4gb) until the mining market allows me to buy something better. Do you guys think this will run relatively smooth with wot 1.0? At the moment I run 9.22 on max settings, appart vom AA and max shadows (don't like them) and run with aroung 80 - 100 fps. (current setup see below) My goal is not to buy a super high end graphics card.
  12. I did not Ram him, I did not fire a single HE shell that game. The only thing possible would be a fire the splitsecond it dies. But can tanks catch fire without having a damaged module?
  13. No, Sir. No ramming at all. I was wondering if it was a "microfire" a splitsecond before it died. But then again I did not deal any module damages.
  14. So, I had this match in ma jpze100 a couple of hours ago. Fired AP, no fires whatsoever. Sadly no replay. Display bug or is the game just using its own numbers and the wg dev just play with the players by telling the numbers are +/-25%
  15. Still I am not convinced that the Leo will be any more pleasant than the A-44. In addition to that, btw, the armor is penned by 40mm HE pen :/
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