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  1. Burdy also has almost a 50 person wait list to get an interview but you are always welcome to hang out and platoon with us. The Burds Nest is our home base where you will find most members hanging out, platooning and goofing around.
  2. This match ended up being a super carry for me; 5376 damage and 7 kills. Oh and a pubbie claimed I had Burdy hacks!
  3. Yeah it hurt but at the same time I felt like man I did great and hopefully it puts me on the marathon list.
  4. Really Asassian?!?! Don't try to start things you are unable to finish.
  5. My first match of the day and it was a crazy one! In the end I got all shaky and it was hard to focus.
  6. Overextending, being overconfident and actually relying on pubbies. I for some reason recently got the thought in my head that pubbies can totally help.
  7. I really enjoy it. I have a character in all races and most classes. It can get old (all depends on how long you play) but I love games where I can search areas to get things, learn story and have fun. They also keep adding new thing to do all the time and the PVP and WVW is pretty fun (sometimes overwhelming.) The graphics are beautiful in GW2; I also love the music and story lines.
  8. Burdy has decided to leave the Clan Wars scene and want to now dedicate our time doing Tournaments and Tank Companies. Since tournaments are new to all of us I was hoping for some hints or tips on how to properly participate in tournaments. I understand how to get signed up and how to do all that. Are Tournaments a lot like Tank Companies when it comes to what type of tanks to take for each tier? I.E. Tier 6 Tank Companies people generally bring KV-1S and Hellcats. Are the strategies for tournament maps the same for maps seen in Tank Companies or is it completely different? I am also a
  9. I just had a match in my M46 Patton on Malinovka and there was some tier 10s on each side. On my side there was a Type 62 who determined that because it was a tier 10 match he was useless and decided to drown himself saying it is useless to be a passive scout and then claims he does this every single match there is a tier 10 on his or the enemy team. This very last image is after he has admitted multiple times he suicides all the time and then goes on to continue to argue with everyone on our team.
  10. Here is the replay: Victory!, T49, Siegfried Line, 7/7/13 9:10 PM: 1,738 nXP, 2,209 dmg I took some damage but I felt like it was worth it to reset cap. I also have not played much of the T49 but I feel pretty good about it.
  11. I'm sorry I totally forgot about that; I'll find some new version replays and post those.
  12. Server: NA In game name: Aleeshia Tanks: M26 Pershing, Super Pershing and M46 Patton (I really need help with this one.) Tier Range: 8 and 9 Skill level and what to achieve: Average to Dunning Kruger paragon and I would like to be full Dunning Kruger paragon to full Blue stats maybe a little purple too. I also really need help with end tier matches. As soon as I get into a tier 8+ game I really feel like I don’t know what I am doing and I feel like I can’t penetrate any tanks and I can’t do my life in damage. Times Available: 1pm-9pm PDT Tuesday-Friday and every other Sunday. 1pm-
  13. Burdy and Pupeh are not as tight-knit as people think. We generally don't hang with Pupeh's we hang with Foxey's more than any other clan. Burdy does not condone what KingAlphyn did and nor will we be standing up for him. I really wish people would leave Burdy out of this.
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