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  1. Wow. I can actually post here! Still on 6 day vacation from the official forums. At least we took some of their boxes. We even enjoyed their El Halluf camp so much we decided to play them twice.
  2. I bought the 430 quite recently, and wasn't expecting much due to everyone shit talking it. I found the tank an absolute joy to play however, with many 4k+ sessions. Unfortunately I also had some terrible games in it, so ended on 3.7k dpg when I got the third mark. The only downside is the initial aimtime after moving the hull, and hitting NOTHING on the move unlike it's other russian counterparts.. The accuracy itself is manageable with vents + food + bia. As for the armor it was bouncier than 140 and t62a. So to answer your question. Is the 430 worth it? Yes Is it better than 140/t62a? Not by a long shot. (It is fun having a 5.09s reload though)
  3. Not nearly as cool as the 1v1 I did with shishx in stock M3Lee with AP only. Posted link for giggles: 1v1 me brah Edit: OMG PAGE 2!
  4. Played another 10 game session, 7 of which were in Obj 430 for 4.8k average dpg. Link here if anyone is interested: http://www.mediafire.com/file/nwvm78f7zr4xhoc/4302.rar
  5. Haven't had it in years. Remember it being rather disgusting though. wow vetro, you making me blush. waddap!
  6. First off, the only way to get better at playing tier 10, is to keep playing tier 10. Additionally, 3k dpg at tier 10 is still pretty decent, and should be enough to get at least 60% winrate, depending on what tank you play. As for your other points: Rapid flank collapse: Not much you can do here, just make sure you're not the only one going to a certain flank. Due to the nature of the E5 being more of a "heavium", you don't have to go to the heavy flank every game. If MM gives the enemy 5 heavies, and you have only one, consider just going with the meds, and be ready to defend your cap when they eventually push the flank. Don't be afraid to fall back before the flank collapses completely. You might get an angry message from the friendly E100 who gets swarmed, but you keep your gun in the game longer, thus increasing your win chance. Push power: Again, not much you can do about it if your team isn't up to it. I would never be the first to push into unspotted TD's (even in an E5). I'm not being big-headed or selfish here, but me being alive increases my team's win chance considerably more than some 350wn8 player in a KV4. If you come to a stalemate, i.e. you clear out K-1 on swamp and know they have TD's sitting in the bushes at D-4, just turn around, and deal with the tanks most likely now pushing into your base. Arty: Can't do anything about this. Either you camp passively 100% arty-safe and watch as your team loses, or you move unpredictably and hope arty misses, whilst pushing to the next arty safe position. Triple unicum platoon: You'll see this a lot on top tier. It's a pretty solid way to farm 80%+ winrate if that's your thing. Unless these super unicums are bad/redline snipers/statpadders, they'll most likely push a flank very aggressively. The best way to compliment their playstyle is to join their push, and destroy the flank in 2 minutes. If they spread out and snipe, just ignore them and play your own game. Just make sure you don't sit behind one of their tanks in a bush, block them on a corner, or similar annoying things. T9 vs T10: Tier 9 is considerably easier to farm damage on than t10 (if you're top tier). There are several factors for this, including but not limited to, less arty, less scary TD's, the fact you can fight against Tier 7's, and the high impact of premium ammo on certain tanks making them super strong (M46/E50/Conq/etc). It's a lot easier to deal with an IS in your E50, than an IS-3 in your E50M. Similarly, tier 7 TD's are much less likely to pen or cripple you than tier 8 TD's are. Think St. Emil vs ISU152/RHM/Skorpion. Even at tier 10, 2 hits from these td's (that won't struggle too much to pen you) ruins any potential HP you may have to bully lategame. Personally I play mostly T10, but have no tanks with consistent 4k dpg. Sure, I have the odd 5-6k dpg session across 10 games, but over 100's of games my dpg seems to be around 3.6/3.7 on an average day. Personally I think this is due to too many inconsistencies in the game design (MM, Map rotation, Team composition etc). I've had days where I played 15 games, 10 of which were citymaps on my batchat. Not much you can do here. The easiest way is to hug that redline and make sure you do as much damage as you possibly can every game, but in order to consistently pull 4k dpg, you need to get 7k dpg games rather often to compensate for the 2-3k dpg games you're bound to have. Finally, hugging the redline and farming useless damage won't do any wonders for your winrate. Maybe try watching someone like decha stream. He consistently pulls 4-4.5k dpg by playing solo, and it's quite crazy to watch (he also has a very aggressive playstyle).
  7. I might try a ticket too. "I sold my type 59, please give me another one". (I never had a type 59)
  8. Thank you. Hey Koel, all good today. Been struggling with man-flu the last week, but seem to be over the worst of it now. How about yourself? As for the game, it's just as good/cancerous as it always was. Nothing's really changed although I believe 9.16 which was out yesterday has some nice changes to it. Mainly in the form of cross clan strongholds and updated spotting mechanics. How's things with you? Still getting up at stupid o' clock in the morning to go for runs/walks in Dutchland?
  9. I mean that title was more dank than liberating Auschwitz, but I couldn't incorporate it properly.
  10. As Kitten mentioned, it's vbaddict. I just sorted by damage -bow tie, ez. Although I own significantly more ties than bow ties, and I haven't tied my own bow tie in ages. I also love cufflinks more than life. - 44 (at least that's the jacket size I get) - fapping (I used to work out a lot until I was 18 and haven't really done shit since. Just building mass you know (10 years later.....) - no - M46, E50, 50B, T-54, 215b have other ammo types? Mine only have APCR. - Apfelstrudel - I have a psyclone evo (psyclonemods.com) with either a griffin 25 tank for when I'm out and about, or a Kennedy v2 RDA for when I'm at home. - Jake Gyllenhaal or Heath Ledger (obvious reasons). Jake Gyllenhaal I'm talking his dark shit, like donnie darko, nightcrawler, End of watch (not that dark), Zodiac, Enemy, you name it. I guess it's kind of a coincidence they both starred in brokeback mountain (I haven't seen this movie, and before you say "w/e you're just scared to admit it" I legit didn't watch it. To prove I'm not scared of admitting shit like that I did watch and somewhat enjoy Magic Mike, haven't seen XXL yet). fuck no M46 or E50. Fairly sure it's so long ago I did it they're not in my saved replay. Let me check.. Nope no luck. Most recently I have some dank 5k batchat dpg session or a 4.5k obj 430 session. Any takers?
  11. First off, my name's weenis, and I'm an alcoholic world of tanks player. I'm a 28 year old man originally from Denmark, currently living in Britlandia. I like to consider myself an above average player, as can be seen in my Tier 1 stats below: I am currently an Executive Officer in the small, European clan FAME (this might change when dakillzor becomes commander), where I attempt to separate the wheat from the chaff as head recruiter. I decided to start this thread on the off-chance any of my 2 current fans would be interested in such a thing (not counting @Sergeant_Fgt as he only watches my stream for my fapcam). As I'm never lucky however, 9.16 hit today, so none of my 2737 replays are relevant. I will thus add replays (single or pack) as I pass time playing this "glorious" game. For now, the replays for my last session (only played 6 games) in the Obj 430 can be found here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/sc0jm663t0nanbx/430.rar - I didn't have any crazy good games, but managed to consistently do ~4.5kdpg. Additionally, feel free to ask me any questions you may have (tanks related or otherwise) and I'll try to answer to the best of my ability. As a disclaimer, I'm by no means a consistently "great" player so don't expect crazy dpg on my tanks. I guess I average around 3.5k, and will ocassionally pull out short, 10-game sessions of 5-6k dpg when blessed by Serb. Finally, as some of you may be aware, I'm a wotlabs sponsored streamer without a schedule, and always include the word "short stream" in my title in case I feel like rage-quitting early. P.S. I'll add more to this initial post as I move along. P.P.S. I would like to get more pages than Annihilator (@ANIALLATOR) so feel free to spam a lot. P.P.P.S. If you want to see raw, unedited gameplay (I don't edit any replays anyway but it's there for sellout purposes) my twitch url is www.twitch.tv/weeniswot P.P.P.P.S Below is a picture of some of my MOE's. I have considerably more, but I couldn't be bothered to clutter the thread with more than one page of them on vbaddict:
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