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  1. I'm always looking for higher tier platoons. Just add me or send me an invite...
  2. I'm always looking for platoon mates at higher tiers. Just add me or send me an invite...
  3. This tank is so much worse in randoms than the TVP. at least for me
  4. I just got it and it shoots so fast haha completely broken
  5. its a nice change, the e50 got really stale for me with the 105
  6. good idea it worked just got into tier 10 game 3x cancer wagons am going to try it i just got spotted doing it by a shitlord who knew it and he oneshot me fuc
  7. What are good tanks that arent detrimental to winning games, so its not an auto loss? btw just tried to do it 2 arty free games in a rtow
  8. what gender r you guys atm

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    2. Assassin7


      M9 i sexually identify as a GTX 1080

    3. RC_Tank


      you? did you just assume my pronouns?

    4. SkittlesOfSteeI


      I currently identify as a FLAVOR BLASTED pizza gold fish

  9. ayy pew pew (skoda with the camo)
  10. have you played the tvp
  11. It cant be worse than the tvp vtu
  12. gabse

    whats with all the horses

    1. Luna


      @gabse whats wrong with horses

    2. gabse


      did you put them ironically

  13. why  did my wn8 just go down by a 100 i dont want to be green send help pls

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    2. Siimcy


      @Kitten BabyRage WAAAAH FIX VALUES LUL

    3. gabse


      look there he is, he wrote it again

    4. Medjed
  14. thanks i will give optics a try
  15. How does it look with the digital camo, anyone have pics?
  16. How does the digital camo look on the skoda t50? Anybody have a picture?

    1. Dodge94HUN


      Wouldn't it be possible to have a website or anything where you could preview theese camos? I mean WG won't put it in game anytime soon...

  17. Engine or tracks first on the skoda? i have enough for the tracks and i am tempted. right now i have torsion bars mounted so i can use the gun and turret.
  18. Is it true that snapshot and smooth ride are useless? i cant find the thread

    1. Vindi
    2. kolni


      smooth ride only works while driving forwards/backwards and snapshot bloom buff is miniscule at best

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