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    gabse reacted to Fifty_Shades_Of_Socks in #2 clan NA   
    @HemanathanRX7 be quiet pubbie
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    gabse reacted to Raj in My favorite part about this game.   
    Fuck off, why do you start shit with people about stat whoring? Fuck you and all people like you. This is the exact reason I quit WOT, because shit like this. Gets tiring real quick. 
    Like hell man, why even care? 
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    gabse reacted to Tman450 in Just witnessed a unicum from a prominent clan in his tier 10 med snap after being tar   
    It's such a shitty game mechanic. it makes everyone snap eventually.
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    gabse reacted to Siimcy in i wonder if own disabilities make people play arty or its just pure retardation   
    Swedish tanks are so cancer that even cancer is better. Getting t7 arta today 4Head
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    gabse reacted to SkittlesOfSteeI in if you dont know who the_real_jammer is you are not a true NA player   
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    gabse reacted to 1n_Soviet_Russia in if you dont know who the_real_jammer is you are not a true NA player   
    Same with the legend of TAN TAN TTANK GOD
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    gabse reacted to no_name_cro in I got promoted at my awesome job at a gas station. I now work 17h/day instead of 16h.   
    It's easy to say Siimcy when you have a choice.
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    gabse got a reaction from Xen in – Are there plans to change +-25%? Pankov: We consider this to be okay. There aren’t   
    shithead devs are all shitters they have no clue
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    gabse reacted to Jug0sLovEn in I still can't believe that WG made SPGs pretty much unspottable until they fire.   
    I still can't believe that WG made SPGs .
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    gabse reacted to Siimcy in WoT-Killer confirmed!   
    WoT killed confirmed.  How long till they shutdown this game?
    EDIT: I think this game has less players on all servers than WOWP on EU.  
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    gabse reacted to Korb3n_Dallas in https://www.twitch.tv/masterpupil_us/dashboard Sandbox time 8^)   
    Dashboard link no bueno:
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    gabse reacted to nemlengyel in   
    I know the sandbox server is "not final", but considering they aren't testing anything that's even remotely close to the issues with the game people have been raging on for years, I'm pretty sure they have no fucking idea what they're doing and the whole "feedback" thing is PR bullshit
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    gabse reacted to no_name_cro in   
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    gabse reacted to nemlengyel in   
    Fuck WG and their bullshit about "we're listening to your feedback" etc
    If they didn't touch anything in the game, even that would be better, since anything they fiddle with gets fucking worse
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    gabse reacted to flare_phoenix in What camo is this? I just got it today and have no idea why:   
    Clan league reward
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    gabse reacted to PrivateBert in Started day with interval hill sprints. Crazy idea... but oh so good way to start day   
    Started the day with 2 cups of coffee and a cigarette. Just like every day
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    gabse got a reaction from Horner in Best chat sperg in a while.   
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    gabse reacted to Zinn in IT'S HAPPENING! 9 HOURS TO GO BOIS!   
    Git gud, gabse
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    gabse got a reaction from Zinn in IT'S HAPPENING! 9 HOURS TO GO BOIS!   
    11 mbs you lucky fuck 
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    gabse reacted to Horner in Tonight I witnessed a truly historic event. #RiseOfThePubbies   
    Yeah, I'm in anvil. I have friends there, problem? Still a whole lot better than awful ever was lmao.
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    gabse reacted to NoobestNoob in That IS-7 made me doubt the future of the human race @Trobs   
    Confirming that IS7 is the single most retard tier 10 ever seen
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    gabse reacted to ZXrage in   
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    gabse reacted to Flaksmith in So I recommended QB to a new player here, and @Birkovic claimed that he was the least   
    "Plus his seemingly fake attitude and overly possitive opinions towards WG makes him untrustworthy in my eyes."
    This, also his videos are annoying clickbait which mostly involve either A: some baddie getting a lucky win without any real skilled play; or B: stirring up sensational bullshit regarding "cheating",arty, and other topics which he has poor knowledge of.
    Here is a vid of him raging (audio only because he had the original video taken down lol)
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