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  1. I finally made it work, i had to download the latest version from http://www.worldoftanks-wot.com/mods/tank-inspector/ (since the link on the official site is down). In my curiosity i had to find out what's going on and here's the issue with the TI...
  2. Got it, i'm on the channel now, good stuff. I sent the requests
  3. Brace yourselves, an essay is coming. I preffer playing with one of my clanmates in a platoon of two that knows how to win and will sacrifice in order to win like i would do, but since we're not always online at the same time, i'd like to expand my friends list with people that have the same kind of playstyle and are willing to throw away his/her game in order to provide a solid chance for his team to win when/if it comes to that point. I grind a lot of tanks (many of them stock/half elited) atm mostly because of the missions, both personal and potential prem T8 one, so my recent stats keep going up and down so sometimes i'll underperform when my tanks are stock or i play with tanks in the line that arent really suited for my playstyle, or i'll play like an unicum when i'm in a proper tank. Anyway, statpadding isn't a top priority atm, when that comes to the table my recent and overall stats will probably rise a lot since im still "new" to the game. Basically i know my way around, can play T5 to T8 (T5 and T6 are covered well, T7 more or less, T8 barely but i own some tanks). My current goals are: 1. To finish HT-15 for Stug IV (LT/MT/TD ones are done, SPG one isn't a priority since i own one tier 6 arty and thats the M44, isn't that good for SPG missions) so expect me to play with Tiger II/T29 more than i would usually do, i was close to completion x times before the missions were ballanced so that will be done soon i guess, after that, missions will be done as we go towards the other goals unless you want to do missions, both yours or mine. 2. I'm on my way to E100 for my first tier X since i need a bouncy tank for HT missions so if we play tier 8 games i'll probably take Tiger II (i also own JT 8,8 and RHM Borsig WT so we can switch if the MM goes nuts). 3. I also want to get one of the stronk soviet mediums so T-34-85 will be my weapon of choice often if we play tier 6 atm. I may play with Chi-To, Arl 44 and Type 58 from time to time to get x2, but i also own Cromwell, M6, Hellcat, M44 (Arty), T37 so we can play with those as well). 4. At tier 7, my choice will be IS-2, T29, Bulldog or the Comet, since i'm grinding those lines as well. 5. Tier 5 is all good, got lots of good tanks at that tier. What can you expect from me: 1. To go to places that fit my role in the game depending on the tier i get. 2. To wreck everything if i'm in the mood, especially if i'm driving M6 or Type 58. 3. To look at the minimap and actually think about what is going on on the map so i can react if everybody goes yolo. 4. To be constantly aimed at by arty, they shoot at me no matter what am i driving so less shells will be falling around you so thats absolutelly a plus for everybody. 5. To do whatever i can in order to win the game. 6. To listen if you have any good advice for me, i may need some micro and macro positioning advice for certain maps, i know some sweet spots but sometimes i will overpush or stay way back so watch out for that. 7. I'm good at guerilla warfare in terms of holding or pushing a flank when outnumbered so bear that in mind as well, i will often try to make a diversion so others can push even if that means that i have to sacrifice my damage (and my WN8 as well) My stats are in my signature so if the above is good enough for you, reply here so i can add you in game or find me in game and add me - forum nick is same as the ingame one.
  4. My version of TI got bugged (i could get into the app but it wont load 3D models of tanks so it's useless for tank inspection), and i tried to redownload it from their link, it kept redirecting me to a page written in Chinese (which i do not understand ofc) and by the looks of it i concluded that the download link is down. Then i found some links on file sharing pages with the last version, extracted it, but when i try to log in, it says "Failed to connect: out_of_quota", tried with two different accounts and no luck. What's happening with TI then, does anybody know something?
  5. I tried to play it stock, it sucked and was covered in dust for 20 days. Since M6 is now a tank in the line that gets "Top of the line" goodies, i spent some free xp on turret and the 90 mm gun, got the top engine from T1 by doing x2/x3/x5. Played around 40 games in it (30 after spending free xp) and this tank is excellent. After those 40 games, WR is around 66%, DPG 1000+, WN8 ~2170, so i can say that i figured how to play this thing, stats would be better if i could exclude those first 10 games in it. It is like a slower, heavier Hellcat, and even shoots faster than Hellcat and has the same depresion, has OP APCR rounds that can actually pen everything you can face if there's a need for that and most of the time 160 pen of regular ammo does the trick. Armor is existant but don't relly on it unless you have no choice and if there's an arty in the game, 85% of the time it will be shooting at you since you're sure shot, so relocate a lot, hell, at least move back and forth, just dont stay still if you're spotted or you'll ger 'recked. It's a frontline Hellcat, good at support and flanking but not so good at first rows, i had to learn that through the harder way
  6. You got me wrong mate, those 2k+ were in Tiger I, i checked the numbers and it's 2083 WN8 for 119 games, 69.14% won. KT on the other hand dropped, 57.14% win rate with WN8 1419 in 84 games, not as bad as i thought but from the games i had it's not good enough. I pretty much know where am i making mistakes now, i took a one day break from WoT and now when the rage is out of the formula, i can try to make it work for me again.
  7. I think i have around 100 games in my Tiger II at the moment so i can tell my thoughts about it. Got my long 105 recently and i've got more than 60% (last time i checked it was 61%, it may have dropped) wins in it but my stats have dropped. Most of the time i either go to places that are usually swarmed with enemy tanks only to find out that nobody went there (entire side blank) or i get overrun because my team (at least the part on my side) gets overrun and then bunch of autoloaders empty their clip into me no matter how i angle, cant run, cant hide... I get the impresion that my team relies on me too much because im dark green, half way to blue and expect me to lead the charge in it which will get me killed. i tried that, most of the time nearby friendlies dont follow and i end up as a wreck. When i try to snipe, people call me brave hero, camper etc etc. And now the most annoying part for me, which caused my rage way too many times. Most of those ~100 games were +1/+2, and that renders my armor useless so i cant relly on it at all. I know how to sidescrape in it, almost completed HT15 for Stug IV 3 times in it and those games were tier 9/10 , but this tank doesnt get top tier as it normally should at all, thats the biggest problem with this tank for me. My win rate in Tiger I was between 69 and 70% and that tank is brutally good at least for me, my stats are around 2000+ WN8 in it, but i cant make Tiger II work because of awful MM it gets. Sorry if i have missed a letter or two in some words, im typing this from a phone.
  8. Is it only me or the gun accuracy tends to go worse if you lean your tank at certain angle on an uneven terrain?
  9. Throughout the posts here i see you guys mentioning something that goes by the name "red line", what is it and how can i enlist that to my list of things i abuse to win/improve? //EDIT: I've rephrased your question and thrown it into the quick questions topic. -WW
  10. It's all about positioning and exploiting diversions made by your teammates as far as i can tell, i abuse that hard and it's working perfectly. I can relly on myself that i'll do good most of the time but when i see that there are only few decent players in my team in tanks that can carry or support me well, i tend to go with those people and cover, soak/block incoming damage, create diversions, flank etc etc. My 2 cents.
  11. Sorry for gravedigging, but St. Emil really isn't that bad tank with the second gun and -15 depression that allows you to abuse it hard, it's quite painfull to play with the first gun, but i learned so much about positioning, evading arty shots and peek-a-boo tactics in it that i was actually sad when i had to sell it to buy a RHM Borsig which i like really much, but some of the best and funniest games in my career were played in St. Emil. I was actually improving my stats in it because i got used to it with the second gun, knew when to charge, hide, shoot or wait etc etc. Most of you will think that i'm crazy, but with the second gun this thing actually earns you a lot of credits for a tier VII tank that has expensive shells, you just have to make them count... Also got my TD 15 in it, had to ambush and chase heavies in the town, unfortunatelly missed the VK with the second shot and he got me.
  12. Well i'm kind of a strange player, completed TD missions with T67, Hellcat and St. Emil with all secondary missions (at that moment i didn't even had the RHM unlocked), finished MT with T-28 (russian tier IV) and VK P (tier VI german) with all secondaries and most of the LT missions (stuck at 11th, but i didnt even tried hard enough) with Chaffee and T37. I'm stuck at HT 15, almost done it couple of days ago in my KV-3, had about 4k deflected by armour and around 3k dmg, dunno about the received damage, but the mission wasn't active because i went for another secondary mission and didn't even thought i could get that far in KV-3... i've got a screenshot somewhere in my laptop, i'll post it if i find it, i'm afraid of even looking at it because it's possible that i could've finished it in KV-3... My current goal besides getting the proper tanks for missions is to grind every nation up to tier VI, so that's another thing that was/is holding me back a bit. I'm half way there with awesome Chi Nu (got Chi Nu Kai today as well from the event), and unfortunately a long way is ahead of me with the stock BDR G1, unless i use these x5 days to skip it, i still cant adjust to this tank no matter what, i hope that elited it will perform better. Other nations are good, got awesome Cromwell on Brittish line (1k xp away from Comet), Type 58 for the Chinese (getting closer to IS-2 every day), T67/Hellcat/T37/Chaffee on 'Murrica line, KV-1/T-150/T-34/KV-3/Churchill III on USSR, had the entire WT line in my garage up to RHM, all of them were awesome tanks except Marder II, now i have only RHM, Tigers, VK P and PZ H because i had to sell some tanks because of lack of slots and credits.
  13. I'm relatively new player in WoT, i know my way around (i can get better), but since i don't have many tanks in my garage and i want certain tanks at certain tiers (and not the ones before or after them), im having a hard time choosing which line is really useful and good for me and my teams since i'm doing good in most of them (except arty lines but thats another story) and i can't get enough credits to fund my thirst for good tanks. I'm still playing with tanks up to tier VI most of the time since i have like 3 tier VII tanks (KV-3 / Tiger (P) / Tiger I (stock)) and one tier VIII tank (RHM Borsig WT, i rushed to it so i could complete TD 15 mission for stug and i eventually completed it in St. Emil ) which i use to learn more about tank weakspots before i get something that i could concentrate on. I have lots of unlocked tanks (M41 Bulldog, KV-4, VK 45 02 A etc etc) but i hesitate to buy those. My biggest issue with tier VII+ tanks is that if i have to buy one, i can't really tell is it going to be a frustration for me or not and is it going to be helpfull for missions, so basically that's why i hesitate when buying new high(er) tier tanks. Which tanks are actually good for all those mentioned things and should be considered as keepers up to tier X and how do you guys prioritize when you're low on credits?
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