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  1. This is all the second stage of learning. The first stage is, and the first three stickies should be, why you getting killed by torps so often is your own damn fault. Like 80% of the horrifyingly poor play I see is people pretty much trying to get themselves hit by a salvo of torpedoes.
  2. He says some other stuff first, so he tells him to "do it" for less than the full 15. D:
  3. Orlunu


    I find that they are a massive improvement. In the way that eating dried shit is a massive improvement over eating the rotting flesh of plague victims.
  4. Nope, it's not a balance thing. It's that I want WG to stop doing silly shit like using high altitude heavy interceptors as dive bombers. Since I know that it's nearly impossible to get through to the devs, I came to attention-whore for my official forum topic here. More posts = (slightly) more chance for it to get passed on up the chain by Ectar or someone. \o/ Go post something. If you know anything about US naval aviation, help with suggesting any needed improvements for that side of things.
  5. The total width is the same, yes, so there's much wider spacing between the torpedoes. Makes them far easier to comb.
  6. Turns out that playing nothing but Jap tanks gives me more than double my recent WN8.  Screw getting better, I'm padding from here on out. \o/

  7. Aren't there rules against posting pornography here?
  8. Awesome panther. AWESOME PANTHER
  9. The 128's do 490, like the normal shell on this. And tier 9 122's do 440 alpha. Fair, fair, I wasn't thinking like I should have been. This quote system is really annoying.
  10. Even then, 390 alpha would be unusually low for a gun of that size. It's only 5mm bigger than the 122s, and 390's a pretty normal value for them.
  11. Zuiho only has 4 squadrons My bad, was thinking about RJ because she was the one around there I played with a lot. Point still stands, 0/2/2 is just worse that 1/2/1. 1/2/1 or 2/1/1, with fighters buffed near US standard, is what the choice should be.
  12. 0/2/3 is just worse than 1/2/2. DBs suck. The options should be 1/2/2 and 2/1/2, with buffed fighters to approach the USN standards.
  13. Basically, they screwed up the balance by going for such a large difference between fighter and bomber load-outs. It doesn't work because you aren't guaranteed a healthy mix of carriers in a match. US fighter setup reks the Japanese strike setup, so they give the Japanese strike setup retarded damage output. The real answer would be to have more moderate setups and make Japanese fighters competitive.
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