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  1. My wn8 has dropped 100 points since 9.17.03....I saw some expected tank values were way out of wack. The E50 was the example I remembered because wotlabs doesn't display anything for it but I saw for 1k wn8 in the E50 you need to do something like 4.5k dmg. Maybe somebody knows something that I'm missing.
  2. E5 is definitely the better tank and a great vehicle to have in your garage for CW and everything. Im going for one myself because of how OP that fucker is. But if you play the M46 correctly its a blast and is a much better learning experience. As a player with only 2.5k battles and already preforming pretty well you should go with the M46. I wish I was as good as you at 2k battles lmao. You got some major potential bro. keep learning, keep tanking and you'll be a unicorn in no time.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. Ive been gone for the past few days since the post. Ill have to rewatch it and re the suggestions to try and help myself better
  4. This was a fairly desirable result in terms of how well I played. In this replay I would like to know what I did particularly well and what I needed to improve on. I want to one day not be a pile of dogshit at this game http://wotreplays.com/site/3099298#abbey-thedarkelbow-rheinmetall_skorpion_g
  5. JP2 all the way. especially with all the gold rounds that will come your way as a ferdi. your armor wont stand up and the added mobility of the JP2 will be much better
  6. IMHO this thing is a fucking monster...its stupid good at tier 8. Getting a 2k+ dmg game is a breeze and since it does so much damage it basically prints credits. I have no complaints about it as of yet
  7. So far I've put about 20 battles into. Averaging 2.1k dmg a game and blocking 1k. Its a monster on hills and the gun seems to be very kind. Only thing I dislike is the mobility and the frontal ammorack
  8. I always use smooth ride when playing mediums...I consider myself a medium player and hitting those shots on the move seem to help. Smooth ride seems to help most on tanks that already have low dispersion on the move like the 48 patton or the 140 and when adding smooth ride diving and shooting becomes even more viable. Nevertheless I'm a dogshit at this game
  9. I love my SP. When spamming APCR it's basically like cheating. nothing stands in the way of you Making America Great Again. Its only 2,300 avg dmg to get 3 MoE. It only took me a week or so of hard grinding to get that and i'm a shitter. that should speak volumes to how amazing this tank is
  10. You're lucky that you found WoTLabs so early in your WoT career. These forums do make you a much better player. A few months ago I was playing at 1.4k wn8 on average and now Im usually above 2.6k for the day. Good Luck Happy Tanking
  11. @Nekommando Ill find some replays and Ill post em when I get out of class. I have a 9:30 today
  12. So recently I purchased both the Obj 140 and Ru 251. Both are fantastic machines. My recent W/R used to be around 55% and now its plummeting. I've basically been solely playing those two tanks as of late and I'm doing very well in them. (or at least in my shitlord mind I am) Especially in my 140 I have 43% W/R. This is baffling me because my current average dmg in the tank is 2710. My overall wn8 for the day (52 battles) was 2319 and W/R for the day was an even 50%. I'm playing better than I ever have before on a more consistent basis yet I can't scrape together any sort of decent W/R. What ca
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