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  1. I don't disagree with the several posts above talking about it being wrong to sell clan wars rewards in the bond shop. I am fine with them being exclusive to a particular game mode.... BUT. Some of them like Chieftain and 907 give competitive advantage in other game modes. People should not have to play a game mode just to get the meta tanks for a different game mode. Of course if WG actually properly balanced some CW rewards such that they were competitive without being significantly OP. Then there would be no issue. CW should reward with decent tanks, but not ones that are clearly better. So in the absence of that then bond shop should be an option, or at least put similarly powerful tanks in there, but that would just further feed the power creep vs tech tree available tanks...
  2. Yeah I hate that kind of reasoning, WG can make it tier 9 and at least nod towards the peculiarities of the design. The things that give it unique mechanics with increased capability, could also be why it has downsides as balancing factors. Doesn't mean they can't change other things to make it fit tier 9.
  3. I'd like to know how they will handle damage to the guns.. will it be possible to take out both guns with a single shot or would each one get damaged separately. If both get damaged do they repair at the same time in parallel or do they repair serially? Also I find it odd that the reload for each of the the IS3-II guns is significantly faster than the reload of a single gun on the tier 8 IS3. It doesn't make sense.. Sure extra loader but extra gun, cramped turret?
  4. On that I very much agree with you. Balance based on limiting ammo is not balance at all in my view. It just smacks of lazy thinking.
  5. It's worth watching his entire analysis of the line. "Worst ever introduced line in the game" "WG are taking the piss" He's not wrong. Some of the upgrades are hilarious. Like one of the engine upgrades increases power to weight by 1.something.
  6. Well the balance team got fired and they gave the job to the marketing team. With the Brit LTs it seems they also fired the marketing team... I am guessing it's been handed to the flasher team since they have prioritised standing still in bushes with nothing exciting to show.
  7. It would kind of make sense if they were 2 or 3 shot auto-reloaders, with otherwise similar stats but more ammo.
  8. Confirmed Brit LTs so OP they can get you laid.... Probably..
  9. You are quite correct when you talk about the French LT autoloaders, I have played them all and own the 1357. Running out is a real issue. However this is different, the French LT autoloaders have relatively short reloads and then burst their clips fairly rapidly. You can't compare a tier 7 amx1357 with an 18 second reload, then 8 low alpha shots with a 1 second intraclip; with a 14 second reload 390 alpha single shot tier 10. The real point though is the Manticore in its current iteration will very strongly encourage the use of premium ammo only. Its alpha and RoF isn't enough to risk getting in close, to be able to circle and get weak side and rear armour. You can only do it if you are sure the enemy is a one shot and god help you if you miss with that crappy on the move dispersion. So if you are smart you will only be shooting at range, but then you will suffer the general weakness of LTs which is extreme pen dropoff plus your accuracy 0.38 isn't even that good to ensure hitting weak spots at any distance. Therefore you won't want to miss out on the rare chance to deal damage you will get, hence you will fire premium. You won't switch for soft targets most of the time either, because you have little chance of knowing that 14 seconds later, whether your next opportunity will be a hard or soft target, except maybe late game if all the remaining enemy are soft.
  10. The problem with low ammo count is not so much that you will run out per se but that because it is low you will be highly limited in the types of ammo you will carry. Removing tactical options is pretty much always a crap idea. If you can always only carry such a small loadout then you might as well fully load premium ammo. It isn't as if running tier 10 is normally credit neutral and with such low dpm it won't even cost that much to be 100% premium loaded. And when you know that you have to wait a glacial ice age between shots you don't want to fall foul of RNG and pen drop off to waste the precious few opportunities to deal damage. Really poor balance design.
  11. CardinalMite

    UDES 14 5

    Definitely a keeper for me, The air suspension seems clunky at first but once you get the hang of its foibles it allows great ridge line abuse. Honestly it's a rare example example of WG not dumbing down the game, so that it rewards skillful play and punishes you if you don't play it smart. Bounces a surprising amount, albeit you never rely on it to. The gun is just awesome, only the lowish RoF stops it being OP. Good candidate for improved rammer if you want to troll hard.
  12. ...that you got mainly because you pay for new premium...
  13. Watching someone streaming, the Swedish meds are all pretty vulnerable to HE particularly anything with reasonable pen like Hesh rounds.
  14. Hilarious they state not seeing many 430Us on the battlefield was some kind of balancing parameter... like wut? WG I don't think balance means what you think it means... Plus WG if you think 430Us are a rare, what about Chinese mediums? That is some rocking horse shit level of rare there then.. could it possibly be that no one plays Chinese mediums for a reason WG? Does this mean the Centurion Action X is seen as perfectly balanced once these other changes go through?
  15. Hard to tell from the pictures how big it is versus other LTs. Remember when everyone said that on paper the ELC was trash, but then it was released and it turned out to be so small that hitting it was a real challenge? Plus it could use bushes that bigger tanks simply couldn't? If it turns out to be super small then suddenly the stats look a lot better. Not saying it will be great but I am going to reserve judgement until we know more. I just get the nagging feeling that if this is going with a new line, then WG are more likely to release a strong premium. For reference see EBR 75..
  16. So much for saying they will never sell bonds, well now they will, just indirectly through bought missions. Problem also is the better they make premium time, XP & credit boosters, the more they dis-incentivize players from playing on low population secondary servers like the AU server; because no one likes watching boosters and premium time count down while sitting in a queue.. They really should make all of the above only count down during battles.
  17. Really? Honestly I quite like it, there is somewhere relevant for all classes to go, which is not something you can say of many maps. By far the best of any of the newer maps, Studzianki, Minsk, Paris are way worse. Abbey is arguably the worst example of corridor in the the game. Mines is heavily biased to north spawn and should never see higher than tier 6. Fjords is just toxic, Pilsen east side is horrid to push on. The problem is picking which map to ban, so many to choose from. Empires border... Province... gahhh!
  18. What I want to know is if the experimental MM we have in Asia matches what has been given to RU, EU? I have a strong suspicion it does not. Watching Circonflexes stream it looked kinder to tier 8 than what we here in Asia 'enjoy.'
  19. You sure she isn't thinking of switching to a newer line? Prolly one with a bigger calibre gun and more alpha...?
  20. You know WG, if they get introduced and are too weak then people won't spend money on free xp etc. to grind the line. Monetisation rules, so if that is the case, they will buff them until they are perceived as desirable. I suspect that they will start buffing view range, camo and top speed, eventually they get to the point where they are just faster LTs that are very hard to hit and can get to forward spotting locations before anything else.
  21. I am not sure what I think about this new class of wheeled LTs. I think balancing these is going to be a real knife edge between stupid, broken OP and completely useless. I suspect that they will be way more map dependent than regular LTs and particularly they will be very bad on small city maps.. anything done to make them work well there will make them OP on large open maps. I just don't really get what they bring to the game that makes a positive contribution and I am concerned that they signal WG driving the game towards gradually becoming a twitch shooter. Hasn't the game been dumbed down enough already?
  22. Link? Also, you honestly saying that you prefer all OP tanks to stay unbalanced even if it causes the game to die? How much value will you have with your P2W purchases then?
  23. I have a feeling that the way they changed some of these maps was a cack handed attempt to "balance" the super heavy meta that has arisen from all the armour overbuffing, while at the same time making LTs more relevant... Basically instead of admitting that they have royally screwed balance of tanks by setting armour values vs premium ammo usage rather than normal ammo while at the same time refusing to rebalance premium ammo and LT stats; they have decided to use map design as a poor bodge of a fix... The upshot is that LTs are still rendered impotent on many maps...SH HTs will still dominate certain maps while being horrible to play on others. TDs will still largely camp, mediums will become a bit worse to play on maps like Erlenburg, arty will be much the same. WG continuing to put the cart before the horse ad infinitum... 2018 style.
  24. I won’t dispute your opinion on the others because I don’t have them yet but Leo:crap? I shun thee all to heck and say mean things about your mother. Leo is great and handsome and may just be my only friend. *don’t listen to the mean tanker, he smells* Yes although to be fair it has like an 18 second clip reload.. so there’s that. Yeah do you get the feeling that they have two entirely separate balance teams and alternate between them...? Sensible....retard...sensible....retard...retard....
  25. Then there are mobility buffs to T54 prototype basically negating the supposed downside it was supposed to have for being decently armoured. It now has something north of 21hp/ton. Some other lines have not been buffed in literally years and the T44, T44/100, T54p get buffed more than once (in some cases several times). Not to mention recent turret armour buffs to T54 and obj 140. None of these tanks were exactly weak tier for tier such that they needed urgent buffing.
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