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  1. It wasn’t that long ago, pretty much maps have not become significantly more world of alley ways since the WTF last trolled us all. Also whoever said vision has increased since then as a significant factor is incorrect. Arguably it has decreased in view range on average since TDs got view range nerfed and ironically tier 9 and 10 LTs have less view power than many pre-existing 9 and 10 mediums and heavies when they were introduced. It is true that some high tier LTs have very good camo which does help but honestly overall I think that view and scouting power is largely similar to back then. I am not sure the WTF would be OP so much as it is just broken and in a way that would be negative to the gameplay experience overall for most of the player base. Honestly new TDs in general beyond what we already have and especially for tiers 8-10 to my mind are largely negative to the enjoyment of the game. “Yay both teams have loads of TDs this match, we are going to have a fun time over the next 15 minutes with enjoyable and dynamic gameplay!” Said absolutely no one ever.
  2. Nope. They tried changing to an even distribution (which would have been a nerf) in the first round of sandbox (never live)and literally everyone freaked out because no one could hit anything. So they quickly chickened out and went back to centre weighted. Which was the wrong move, instead they should have kept it even BUT then buffed the accuracy across the board for any tanks supposed to be accurate by a significant amount. By that I mean instead of 0.29 being accurate something more like 0.029. That means inaccurate tanks won’t be able to bull crap snapshot a third of the time any more and accurate tanks won’t care all that much about 25% RNG because except for at extreme range their shot will go to where they are aiming. Right now accuracy is devalued and it is a very poor way to balance a stupidly armoured heavy by giving it an apparently poor value.
  3. Sure and that is where your inaccurate gun is supposed to be a disadvantage to make up for the big alpha and great armour.
  4. You are missing the point, 0.4 acc is crap but centre weighted distribution helping you roughly a third of the time is little use at LT engagement ranges and alpha but you get some HT with big alpha pulling off ridiculous snap shots a third of the time and that hurts. Point is they are using smoke and mirrors balancing over armoured heavies by saying , “look but they are inaccurate”. LTs on the other hand really should be more accurate in general.
  5. Which doesn’t matter as much as you’d think due to centre weighted shot distribution.
  6. I hate these kinds of arguments, just because something else is broken and retarded too does not make it ok to reintroduce this unbalanced monstrosity. The only way they could have done something worse is if they gave the Type 5 derp an autoloader.
  7. With respect OP nowhere in your post do you mention what tank types your friend likes driving, what nations and tank types they are grinding or possibly they would like to grind next? Point is whatever you get him he will have to live with and run daily for a very long time and while the buffed Loewe and the Patriot are both good premium choices are either even a tank type he will enjoy driving and are they nations he is grinding crews for? There is a truth in that the best credit grinder is the tank you enjoy playing because odds are you tend to play well in tanks you enjoy. Don’t pick the tank you like the most pick the tank you honestly think he will enjoy the most that also suits crew xp development in a line they want to get to tier 10. If that is US or German heavies then fine but if they ultimately want to get to tier 10 Soviet hovermed or say French medium autoloaders for example then perhaps there are better choices.
  8. Kind of sad to see the AT2 get nerfed so hard. Given its mobility or lack thereof, it’s going to really struggle. If they really wanted to nerf it then in my mind it would have been better to reduce the gun accuracy and soft stats. That way you encourage people to play it as an assault TD which is the very definition of this lines characteristics. By nerfing armour you will get people just camping in it even more than TD drivers tend to at the moment.
  9. Can't see the remblance myself, the patriot is effective.
  10. Absolutely none of that would be addressed by turning off team damage. "People wont do stupid things" that is your argument, sorry are you new here in WoT land? Because suiscouting never happens right..? Of course people will do stupid shit. And just because you won't do it, will not mean the baddie won't. Hell, half of them spam HE now. Ok I get it you are complacent about this potential change. But let's say you are right and people don't exploit no team damage. Are you really claiming that team damage and team killing is a big deal now requiring this change?
  11. Team damage whilst it does happen is way, way overblown as an issue. If I play on average 3 or 4 times a week at roughly 2 hours a session I maybe get accidentally shot once in that time. Small amounts of ramming damage happen usually because of clumsiness at the spawn point as everyone heads off in different directions at the start. I was accidentally team killed this week while on low health for the first time in maybe 4 months of play. Maybe 50% of the time I get an immediate apology in chat when I receive team damage. I can't remember the last time someone deliberately did team damage to me, I do remember some arse pushing me out from hard cover to get killed by enemy fire which would still happen even if team damage was switched off. I use the mod that prevents firing on my own team, it works well. Of all the things WG should fix team damage is absolutely not one of them.
  12. From a copy of an Anton Pankov Q&A someone reposted on Asia forums we have. EDIT here is the same Q&A from link. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2017/08/22/wot-dev-qa-22-08-2017/#more-54993 "On team damage: We’re planning to disable team damage on the Sandbox, or in one region. It seems a simple and logical decision, since you won’t have to worry about punishment. Nevertheless team damage is bound to the game economy and experience gain, so it’s harder than it seems. We’ll try anyway." WTAF!? This is an absolutely awful, terrible, abysmal idea that will do more to ruin this game than OP premiums and bad MM. The fact that they are even contemplating this is a very bad sign that they no longer care about this game being in any way tactical skill based. You will get tanks just yoloing in to groups of enemies specifically so that arty can spam them.. You will get people spamming gold way, way more than you see now (yes really) into crowds of tanks from both sides brawling knowing they dont have to do more than aim in the general direction of the group and rely on not being able damage the same side tanks. You will get people deliberately aiming at their own team tanks to exploit ricochet mechanics to hit enemies around corners. Big TDs firing hesh or HE into groups of brawling tanks basically rekking face for no skill whatsoever. You know those replays where some awesome player succesfully fights off 5 or 6 tanks by hugging a live enemy tank (e.g.side hugging slow armoured non turreted TDs) and using it as cover forcing the enemy to precision shoot or get around?? Yeah?...nah you will never see that again. They will just load HE and spam you to death. Removing weak spots was bad enough, this takes the dumbing down to extreme levels and the day they do this on live is the day I stop playing WOT.
  13. I pretty much agree but I would suggest without all maps being significantly bigger then the times it will significantly help will be limited. Alternatively if maps aren't going to change then I would suggest instead of massively buffing LT view range, they should nerf medium and heavy view ranges. There really isn't a particularly good reason why view range on most tanks should magically get longer just because they are higher tier.. nerf view ranges across the board by roughly 5% for mediums and heavies and suddenly LTs have a view range advantage again without being too much for current map sizes.
  14. While I would agree with you if you said that the whole idea of improved equipment was a terrible idea... none of what you said makes anyone "forced" to play 30 vs 30. Of all the things we can choose to bitch about WG this ranks low on the scale re: it being a way of getting bonds and hey, at least it isn't the obnoxious ranked mode. Honestly 30v30 is one of the few things they have developed recently that actually looks like it may be fun to do. And if you hate it then just switch it off like many do with assault.. Just tp add I like that you can do PMs in it. With the extra hp some of the missions may be a bit more doable.. (TD15.3 I am looking you.....in my only tier 10 TD, a Grille 15. I need to do it again with honours coz I don't play arty..)
  15. Why would you be forced to play 30vs30? You can just un-tick the mode in settings.
  16. Can confirm from a response I got from one of the Asia WG team that these British medium changes won't be in 9.20 but instead they will be in 9.20.1.. " Hi, CardinalMite These will most likely be included in 9.20.1 and not 9.20. Regards, Elphaba"
  17. Dont forget other British heavies e.g. A45, all Churchill variants. Then we could really shoot for the moon and ask for high tier British LTs...
  18. The many aspects of their balancing process you refer to are as follows: A) Does it make people buy a premium tank? If yes do it. B) Does it make people grind a line they would not have before? If yes do it. C) Does it make people buy premium time and/or gold? If yes do it. If the answer is not yes to one of the above then it will never happen regardless of whether it is the right thing to do.
  19. How do you all feel with these changes that the IS7 will compare in playstyle to the T-10? Currently grinding the T-10 and have been amazed how well it suits me and how good it is.. small sample but after 54 battles in it I am 61% win rate in the thing which is wayyy over my green shitter overall stats. Frankly it feels OP. To be fair I normally prefer to be a medium/light tank player and suck at most slow heavies so I guess if I am going to not suck at a heavy it would be a high mobility one like the T-10.
  20. Sorry guys my bad... I would say I fed the troll but he seems to truly beleive what he is saying.. nevertheless I should have left well alone as a lost cause. I have come across a number of people recently who seem to revel in deliberate ignorance....
  21. Even if that is true there would be epic levels of shit from every pref player about how their preferential MM is disadvantaged because now effectively every tier 8 is a preferential tier 8 including the ones that were given high pen guns to meet tier 10s. To be fair driving an IS6 vs a defender, chrysler, mle49 or nameless is pretty miserable atm let alone higher tiers.
  22. I think there are a lot of things you choose not to see, fact is you made an absolute statement which was patently incorrect and you keep citing ranked battles like it is the ultimate definitive arbiter of how the tank should be balanced when we have already established that it is not, RB is flawed and does not reward game winning skills just damage farming ones. It seems your only interest is playing RB which the NA player base should be grateful for as you will only be found in a temporary game mode.. frankly I see people sidescraping off team mates all the time with varying levels of success largely dependent on the skill of the players involved and only on the narrowest of paths is it not viable. Again you just repeat the same arguments that have already been shot down and all they consist of is a statement of your opinion with no reference to any supporting evidence and in ways that demonstrate you only have a superficial understanding of the game mechanics. The overmatch mechanics aren't just a means to lolpen an enemy tank, the knowledge of these (by the way since when was the ability to learn and remember worthy of such derision by you? Perhaps try learning some time.) allows the defender to know when and how to push/poke and exactly how best to use cover depending on the caliber of gun they are up against and observation of the enemy player to see if they have awareness of and utilise the overmatch characteristics of their guns.. This is my last post on this debate with you, clearly you cannot see the flaws in your thinking and are simply happy to continue using your broken tank. You havent made any cogent argument to justify the current characteristics of this tank.
  23. Don't necessarily disagree but if that were to happen then preferential tier 8s would need rebalancing or non preferential tier 8s would need nerfing especially for pen given the argument non preferentials get better pen because they see tier 10.
  24. Ok 1. Saying because 1 tank sidescrapes means others on the corner cant also is flat out wrong. All you have to do is sidescrape off the sidescraping tank gives you much the same protection as being closest to the corner. The fact you dont know that is telling. 2. For sure you are speaking hypothetically. 3. The fact you think armour management is just rote learning is also telling... shot baiting, understanding and utilising overmatch mechanics being just a couple of examples that require some actual skill to use.
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