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  1. I'm sure public battles will stay populated for a while but clan wars is dead and league is working it's way to that point. Kinda reminds me of CS 1.6 a little over a decade ago. IMO I think Luna nailed it. To me this game was just always about chasing something. Grinding for a badass tier 10, improving my play/stats, or getting into a good clan. Once you do enough of that all you are left with is the frustration of this game. Pretty much the only thing I miss is bullshitting with the people I used to play with.
  2. Just looking to play with some people that won't rage like crazy. I mostly play tiers 8-10 but I'm willing to play some lower tier stuff as well. Due to my crappy internet connection I mostly play on US-E. <3. Somebody should make a tinder for Wot platoon mates
  3. Hello friends, my first time here. Be gentle
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