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      Oh wait I cant ban you f

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      I can however ban you :sealofapproval:

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  2. No you don't and it can't happen as yuno is banned and I think garbad may be as well and I'm not going to bother checking.
  3. Shhhh we do not speak of the XVM. (Even though the client has a folder called XVM) - gg WG.
  4. Tfw I login for the first time in ages and I see this shit still... /sigh 4th fucking post and that’s what you do? Uninstall please.
  5. Damn i go away for a few days and I miss all the action OP your thread was dealt with exactly how it should have been. People here can jump on the newbies pretty quick but at 50 posts you should have seen this coming. I can answer your question though by saying just do not play that tank with the stock gun if you can help it. As someone above posted you will suffer a shit winrate until you grind through it. Play other tanks to get the freexp to get by it if you can. No, not all people here can afford to freexp modules here but don't jump down someone else's throat because they can. Be thankful you were not neg-repped to Gasai/azntwnstrike levels Now everyone...as you were.
  6. if you don't have it get the Lowe for credit grinding, dank gun handling and bouncy turret. not to mention side scrapes like a boss
  7. I would remain patient and not sperge. In my experience, I would not worry about the wr for now. It will all balance out.
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