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  1. ah those were the days....I can do that again
  2. The stance is simply, say something so we can all move on. I am not going to RO him because he is not toxic. At all. I am merely trying to find a middle ground to appease all. Go have some breakfast (its 8am here) and relax. I think you are taking this way too seriously. We are all Carbon and Carbon is all of us. Surely you must know this.
  3. @Diriz0n i have nothing against your posts but your refusal or unwillingness to answer a simple question about the O and 0 keys on your keyboard is making people antsy. Do us all a favour and please answer the question so we can all move on. Thank you.
  4. I cant believe @ZXrage and @lavawingvoted nyet
  5. Shall I put him out of his misery and just do it anyway?
  6. I think you forgot to edit the title of that page @Haswell with "Dead Metric Info"
  7. A quarter? We aint that hard done by are we?
  8. why dont you copy/paste what you need into notepad...delete the original post and start again?
  9. I am glad his first post was not "muh stats"
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