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  1. and it really wasnt the usual "but muh stats" post so I let it slide...either that or I was in a good mood when I saw it
  2. Happy Friday wotlabbers! 

  3. We do deal with it. Exactly as you have seen.
  4. wotnumbers allows you to sort by map and frequency fwiw and for those that have it and have been running it for an extensive period - mine seems bugged though as it says I have never seen Province. I know I have.
  5. thats what I thouight I had recalled...thanks for the clarification
  6. is that even still running? i thought it was removed @Never
  7. Ensk is hit and miss for me. Definitely not a favourite but tolerable. Mines is the same (as long as it isnt encounter and tier X), i dont get the hate for Empires Border as I find Fjords worse. Paris just came to mind though, and I think that for me would be the one though I like it when in a heavy tank or heavy-TD
  8. Only one though Of course, which one to choose? So many shit maps. I am leaning towards Fjords right now.
  9. It is the rule around here. You don't go asking about "muh stats". That is why I care.
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