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  1. I think you forgot to edit the title of that page @Haswell with "Dead Metric Info"
  2. A quarter? We aint that hard done by are we?
  3. why dont you copy/paste what you need into notepad...delete the original post and start again?
  4. I am glad his first post was not "muh stats"
  5. Enroh

    UDES 16

    i run food, fire directive, but then I have a shit crew with a female commander (so I at least have 6th) as I want my good crew in the Emil/Kran (currently in the Leo)...IIRC im running vstab, rammer, optics this is on the tier 8
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    2. lavawing


      if scout means not doing anything he may well qualify

    3. Wanderjar


      I need to take notes from this guy. so amazing:eww:

    4. Jesse_the_Scout


      I think we're talking about the, "top tier Hellcat dying at the 1.30 mark while 'scouting'," kind of scout here.

  7. I get that Avril Lavigne reference
  8. but he went on for ages about being the best scout...im so confused.
  9. Wow this thread....comedy gold. I would love to RO the guy but then we cannot see what BS he comes up with next!
  10. Hello.

    1. sohojacques


      Is anybody out there?

    2. Enroh


      I am. 

    3. HowitzerBlitzer


      enroh to you too!

  11. and it really wasnt the usual "but muh stats" post so I let it slide...either that or I was in a good mood when I saw it
  12. Happy Friday wotlabbers! 

  13. We do deal with it. Exactly as you have seen.
  14. wotnumbers allows you to sort by map and frequency fwiw and for those that have it and have been running it for an extensive period - mine seems bugged though as it says I have never seen Province. I know I have.
  15. thats what I thouight I had recalled...thanks for the clarification
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