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  1. Hey hwy now I got 3 marks on mine bc that thing is great. \ /
  2. When it comes to this game, when @kolni speaks we should all listen. He is a god among boys when it comes to this game so I would sit down, shut up and pay attention for a change. Would you like an RO? And we have RO'd him and others in this thread. I am ready to lock this one because it has degenerated into stupidity.
  3. WG caring about tech trees is about as likely as them saying they will never ever sell such and such a tank again and actually following through
  4. If WG releases a tank that is divisive like this does that make it balanced?
  5. Enroh

    Removed Maps

    where is that 8K recent young man
  6. Wow dude harsh. We get it, you do not like him. So do many others but they do not resort to that. Again, disagree with him all you want but no need to word it like that. If you want an AOL address, I can make you one
  7. I managed to finish 5 stages this weekend alone. I can probably get the next two done next weekend and even then I dont know if I will buy it.
  8. I Know Lemmingrush does tutoring. I know Smylee used to but I am not sure if he does anymore. Unless you are just looking for plats.
  9. ok @Diriz0n and @hazzgar keep on topic without the bickering or I will close this thread. Nobody but you two are reading the walls of text being posted. Disagree all you want but keep the name calling out of it.
  10. Ill do what I can with my limited gaming time and hope to get 50% discount on it at the least
  11. I will. And do. Bad, bad player. And poster. #justsayin Did you get a new kbeyboard yet? #askingforafriend I could not resist making a double post
  12. Why is this thread still even a thing?
  13. The others get admonished as well. It is all not one-sided.
  14. What did I say was funny? I was not making any attempt at humour. That being said, I know who Anfield is, and what he does and does not play. So no need for you to attempt to educate me. What was brought to my attention was this video of him playing an account with what looks like your name. All I am doing is asking you to clarify whether this is your account or not. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Sperging out See above and see how it relates to your original post. Downboating an admin. Now that is funny.
  15. @Diriz0n did Anfield sock your account? And did you get a new kb yet?
  16. Yes. I remember. Good times. And yes he should.
  17. have you marked the m60 yet?
  18. Enroh


    Pot calling the kettle black?
  19. Enroh


    I am not deleting it but merely removed the name of the person that was doxx'd
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