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  1. Will grand battles count for DPG? I know they removed moes from it. 

    1. hall0
    2. TAdoo87


      @hall0 Circon made a video about it, and it seems to me they are listening. In the comment section you will see circon confirming, it will be changed:

      This also confirms the fact, that the devs are simply just out of touch/not playing the game at all. They can't predict a simple thing like that on their own.

  2. "The ingame wn8 is broken and you should not use it ever" -XVM team
  3. I'd say there's a pretty big difference. The 1390 is much better now. It's actually fun too. Players are getting a much higher amount of damage after the recent changes. The way moes work means you won't necessarily jump up a large amount for doing decently in one game. You may have "knocked out" a 3.5k damage game from before the patch. It'll eventually normalize. Some of the lights got a massive buff, like the 1390. That'd cause a big delta for expected values.
  4. Yeah im pretty useless -> I got kicked for a reason. Just wanted to see my options for a more social/laidback clan. I'm pretty active in chats, though that doesn't matter much
  5. I'm looking for a clan to die in after my recent exclusion from Youjo. I can only play on weekends and hate speaking. I was kicked from Youjo for not doing clan wars. Apparently they're too competitive for me. I have ten tier 10s and some tier 8 op prems for stronks. A lot of the 10s are three marked. I'll pretty much never show up to CW because of reasons I can't control. It's ok though, I'm cute~ Here are my padded stats. Decent improvement over the last few weeks. What I have to offer: -Basically nothing -Stat Padding & Chai Snipin
  6. How do you play siegfried line north  spawn in a tier 10 med? Map is too hard

    1. Migizikody


      grab your dick and smack the enemy when they're not looking?

  7. Maybe you're just bad :^) I'm pretty sure it uses the highest number of tracking/spotting, and not the total amount.
  8. The session of my life :feelsgoodman::PogChamp:

    Screenshot (382).png

    1. Fulcrous


      That win rate

    2. PrinzEugen478
    3. DirtyACE7


      WR 60%? WN8 4k?

      Get a life looser!

      I play 4fun.

  9. Uploading a few of your own replays may help to get some better advice. I just play mine like a normal med and brawl with it. Are you maybe aiming too much when you don't have to?
  10. Food, gas, or fire ext for my third consumable slot on Skorpion G?

    1. TAdoo87


      I ran it with optics and food. 

  11. I use a g502. It feels a bit small to me and I'm a pre pubescent shota. It comfortable, but not perfect. The button placement is very nice. I use them for media controls. Scroll wheel is metal and has an unlocked mode that I use a lot. I had a g700s. It was more comfortable to hold but the button placement wasn't as good
  12. Is only being allowed to play wot on weekends keeping me from my esports dream?

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. XXCaptainUnicorn


      Me seducing girls and having friends 


    3. Whole_Nutmeg


      All it takes is confidence. How do you get social confidence? By being good at things and by being able to talk about common interests. If you tell yourself you can't make friends, guess what, eventually you'll start to believe it. Go google the "proximity principle" and read about it, it's a very simple psychological concept that is easy to apply to your life--the more time you spend around the same people, the more likely you can become friends with them. High school is perfect for this because it's basically forced socialization where you're stuck with the same people for long amounts of time. Same with joining a sport or a club---you'll be sharing time and experiences with a small group of people, which forms bonds. Just like padding stats or finding the perfect lewd image of your waifu, socializing is a skill that can be developed over time. The more you do it, the easier it gets.

    4. PrinzEugen478



      " You can't get wittier by calling people fucking garbage over ts. "

  13. I'm now three premium fire exts, med kits, and rep kits richer
  14. I'm not expecting too much, but I do think the game has been improving. Arty changes are in the works, and they seem to be addressing a lot of community problems. The game has potential to be quite good. At least in my opinion
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