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  1. nudisti


    left top of that box....
  2. nudisti


    I just wanted to point this out... thats in ufp btw
  3. My TVP marks http://imgur.com/a/DOygV  next game T92 oneshot me from 100% hp

    Edited by nudisti
    1. TAdoo87


      Please accept my condolences. :cri:

    2. HemanathanRX7


      Rest in pieces friend :feelsbad: 


      Good luck and hope you do get it sooner rather than later :brokenheart:  

    3. nudisti


      well it cost me about 4m credits to struggle at 93% for 100 games so I wont be trying anytime soon :D


  4. finally after session of 6 games and 8k average combined damage MingLee


  5. would forcing arty to use higher line of fire balance arty and make it work as intended? I saw this post about mod that forced game to use higher line of fire (its explained there, great post imo) and I thought that if arty was always forced to use that line of fire, it would prevent arty from shooting moving tanks, as shell travel time would be something ridiculous, so arty would be unable to kill people camping 60 kph in their bats. Also, arty could shoot behind cover so it would actually punish people camping behind cover as it was supposed to do. What are negative effects
  6. http://wotreplays.com/site/3053529#ensk-nudisti-e_50 I played way too aggressively there but E50 is forgiving enough for that. Also take a look at that sexy barrel
  7. I played battle that should be showed to every tomato in this battle.


    this is how you defend against big slow heavy tank that wants to kill you. and fails horribly. and comes to my garage to tell me that I did well.

  8. worst 10 tanks.. hmm.. let me thing. here is my list for tanks that are fucking bad and break game 1. GQ 2.T92 3.GWE100 4.OBJ261 5.M50/M53 6.BC 155 58 7.M40/M43 8.GW.TIGER P 9.212A 10.SU-14-2 looking forward for all those pos reps
  9. Really epic push here guys http://wotreplays.com/site/2566626#el_halluf-nudisti-e_50 I dont know why pushing enemy off cliff or to river doesnt count as damage or kill tho, it would be nice if wg made it count :/
  10. nahh fk it cant get good shot of those tiny marks anyways. I like dat tank anyways
  11. 3 marked it but im not allowed to post ss here only 500kb allowed
  12. uhh wg fucked up. That "heavy tank line" would be fine for meds flanking (that I was stupid enough to try twice before realizing its nono) but that gives enemy arty lovely line to your arse.
  13. Wow. I smell future super uni. Good luck mate and welcome to forums
  14. I found M46kr great fun and it prints credits, 3 marked in first 100 battles its armor can take bearing for low tier scouts etc so you can bully shit out of them I dont know about mutz never tried one but I have no problem dealing with them in my M46
  15. I platoon alot with guys I have known for long time. We met in same clan about 2 years ago and have been tooning since then. But my recent is higher than their wn x2 because I learned game at some point and they.. Didnt. Anyways platooning with them is really fun as they are nice people and when talking random shit with them in ts I get to flow and carry 75% of matches to them Just find a way that fits you and remember to have fun
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