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  1. Thanks to those who submitted replays to our "Carry A Minion" challenge. We had several good ones, but VILLIN took the prize both here and in the main forums. So that concludes the end of our spotlight gold payouts (sorry YOLO, no more gold- but we're happy to keep splitting rematches with you guys). Thanks to everyone who came out and thanks to our members for keeping active and doing some carrying yourselves!
  2. It's official, the other replays don't beat Marine's (although another VILLIN got a higher carry on our main forums competition), so Marine you'll be getting 2K gold in the next day or two. Thanks for helping to carry a Minion! And it's nice to see a couple of VILLIN guys getting the prize as historically we haven't really interacted with VILLIN a lot (not a lot of M--Vs).
  3. Last day to send in a replay that beats Marine's. I've received a couple of lesser carries, but otherwise Marine looks like he carries hardest!
  4. Thanks to all the clans who came out tonight to fight us. We had lots of fun, and even managed to beat a few blurple clans. Congrats to all of you who got gold, particularly the last two teams who got to fight our "unique" line up. _Marine, we fought both REL and VILLIN tonight, sorry we didn't catch you. Lots of fun, so we are also very grateful (and this is a rare thing to say!) to WGing for the event. We've already gotten a number of quality new applicants knocking on our door as a result, so it's a great win-win for everyone.
  5. Dmg for simplicity, but if someone can make a deeply compelling argument on some other metric I'd be open to entertaining the argument.
  6. Thanks for the youtube, just watched it. Good to know that I'm not far from a Mastery, I've come close to that much damage a few times. That was some great early hull-down work, I might have to carry more HEAT to make those snap shots like you did. And I'm always impressed at just how aggressive unicums are. Once that ridge is cleared, you don't hesitate you just charge right ahead to clean up the British TD and that French M4. I would have needed at least a couple of seconds to check my map and make sure the path was clear but I'm sure you already knew that information when you made
  7. Open to anyone outside of M--M, including BAKED guys (just can't platoon it). And I'm looking forward to watching your replay Marine. I quite like my T-54, but I have yet to get a Mastery badge in it, so it will be cool to see a Mastery game. And I was just asking around the clan about ahotchick last night, as he/she's a new recruit whom I haven't met. Consensus is that it's a "he".
  8. Exactly. I thought about putting it in our recruiting thread, but this is more of a thanks thread. Plus I'm really looking forward to seeing some ridiculously high-damage games in this thread. Any bets on how high the winning number will be? Over 10K?
  9. So it's a very good time to be a Millard's Minion (M--M). As you know if you've loaded the game, we're in the clan spotlight (http://worldoftanks.com/en/news/pc-browser/cw/clan-spotlight-m-m/). It was actually supposed to pop yesterday, but you know, holidays and such. It's good timing as it fits with my own 10K games anniversary. So I wanted to take a second to say a few things on behalf of the clan. First, we're always open to new recruits. Wotlabs is a forum devoted, first and foremost, to learning about WoT to improve one's game. So is M--M. It's a perfect fit, other than the f
  10. We've hit 100 multiple times over - that's why we keep having to boot people!
  11. Booted a couple more guys, got a couple more recruits, damn, this is starting to get difficult as we trim out inactives. But that's a 1st world problem I guess. Glad to keep seeing people apply to the Minions. We've got some exciting news and developments to announce in the hopefully very near future.
  12. Hi Zeven. I wanted to check in on your availability. We're going to be busy as a clan next week (hint, WGing took an interest in us) but the last week looks like a good time for us to do something. Also, at 10K games, I wanted to thank you again. There's competing voices in there (I'm lucky to platoon now and again with several dark purples), but your advice still rings in my head. Just yesterday, playing Steppes in my top-tier T-54. Going 9-0 (because 1-2 is "almost always slow and useless") and watching my team ("Always get a sense of where your team disperses to") I can tell we're
  13. TL, DR - if you recognize me, I probably owe you a thank you- so thank you! So I just realized I've officially hit over 10,000 games in WoT. Besides saying something about my free time, I am taking this time to reflect on where I was a year ago. Most significantly, I left the training clan M-I-T and joined M--M. Since I'm an active "can-do" kind of guy, I ended up being promoted, and promoted, and promoted, and then asked to lead the clan. That's been a lot of fun, but a lot of work too. Anyone who's in a clan should take a moment and say a BIG thank you to your officers. If
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