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  1. Hey my 20 dpg in the 207 helped.
  2. Never5get batchat play.
  3. I do not approve of this message.
  4. You never call. You never write. I feel like you don't even miss me.
  5. Ben and Ricochet platoon invite
  6. Wealth alone is an extremely poor definition of sucess.
  7. Annnd I'm back to being a green shitter. RIP
  8. This is a rare occasion that I don't have a shitpoast to top this. Well, I do, but I think it would be over the top even for me.
  9. You fucking kids don't know how good you have it not needing to tame a Mammoth to ride to school.
  10. Then stop acting like a bitch, because your whole emo whiney self deprectating thread reeks of 'tell me im worth it guys!'. For fucks sake if your balls havent dropped then pull them out. Never said there wasn't more to life than getting laid. But you're 20, clearly don't know shit (no offense, no one at 20 does) but are pissing yourself over some girl you talked to once and think could be the one. Hey that creepy thing you were trying to avoid? El Oh fucking El. My mom wouldn't fuck you, she likes men, not crybabies. EDIT: Will give you 14/10 for most entertainin
  11. You've hung out with her on several occasions, which means she's already decided if she wants to fuck you. You haven't fucked her yet, so you've been friend-zoned. That's all there is to it at 20. Forget trying to look for marriage. It reeks of desperation and they know that smell. Also, tell your friend congrats on banging her from me.
  12. You live in Texas, aren't you able to decipher this AND love it automatically?
  13. yeah same me too

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