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  1. That is a XVM bug causing the minimum minimap size. All mod packs that ive tried that include XVM have that bug.
  2. Thanks alot! - much appreciated. How do i remove OTM? - all those numbers everywhere irritate me.
  3. True enough, I've dropped 10 fps - doesn't matter though after i got a new PC (no more MBP for gaming!) . It is surely not as good as Sela´s setup, and will swap when he releases. Also I can only approve throwing some $$$ after our loverly cat lover!
  4. For the Sela mod fanatics like myself, here is a tip on how to playing WoT today: First time ever i tried to install Promod myself. It is more than useable, if one sets it up like Sela does. Then i just have to live with superbad XVM config etc. - But atleast i can play day one - i usually waited with gaming WoT until Sela released his updated mods.
  5. Yes, if its for ease of updating - do not zip it. Whatever makes it easier for you mod creaters is always justifiable
  6. When i download battle assistent it says that its version 9.15.2 - but you write in post 1 that you updated it to 9.16. Is it updated? And as usual thanks for being so fast updating your mods! Much appreciated!
  7. It takes 30 sec to zip it as google wants zip it before it starts downloading. So if you want to minimize time for us downloading, please zip it. It works like this though
  8. It works for me flawlessly in battles. In the garage i have trouble seeing all the equipment. Had to load my laptop up to swap equipment on some tanks.
  9. I run your mod as it comes standard without any alternatives. Copied it over, no errors afterwards.
  10. 10 euro reward:

    Do anyone know how to reverse mouse wheel scroll direction in windows 10? 

    I´m used to OSX´s reversed scroll direction in WoT - finally got a decent gaming rig again, but now its all wrong.

    Ive tried AutoHotKey, and regedit flipflopwheel - nothing helps :( 


    If someone can help me with fixing this ill be happy to gift 10 euro as a thanks for your time!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. OnkelAlfa


      Trying it out in WoT now.


      Autohotkey worked in windows as does this program, but it did'nt work inside the game sadly.


      Crossed fingers that this work in WoT :)


      It sadly does not work ingame.

      The game does not get any input from the mousewheel, so i cant scroll out/in.

      hold that :)


      It works! Thanks alot Visn0r - pm me your paypal email please


    3. Visn0r


      No worries m8 glad to help. Keep your money and have a beer on my behalf :-)

    4. OnkelAlfa


      I´ll even give one to the wife then! :) Appreciate the help!

  11. Thanks Sela! Those mods are some of the most essential mods for me, so perfect
  12. Ive today unlocked the FV215b, took the true statpadder route and free xp´ed up till the conqueror + gun. The gun on that thing is amazing along with a decent turret the grind have been really pleasant. I ended up with 2453 dpg / 66.86% at 169 games @ 1045 xp = my best performance yet in a tier 9 :). Thanks for the advice on the tank @Snoregasm2, my clan have recently started to ask a lot for the FV215b for CWs so was very timely. My next line to grind will be for the 113, which i have no crew for (never played any chinese tank. I expect to start of from th
  13. Something along suggestion B. I can't see how one can "pad" tier 10 - which I assume is much of the reasoning behind wn9. Generally I'd like to have no cap on tier 10 and somehow diverse cap that is based on tiers. (High tier have higher caps)
  14. But do you stil want to cap how much some players play their tier 10s? "Capping" tier 10 play seems silly when ppl mention tanks like t67.
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