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  1. 10 euro reward:

    Do anyone know how to reverse mouse wheel scroll direction in windows 10? 

    I´m used to OSX´s reversed scroll direction in WoT - finally got a decent gaming rig again, but now its all wrong.

    Ive tried AutoHotKey, and regedit flipflopwheel - nothing helps :( 


    If someone can help me with fixing this ill be happy to gift 10 euro as a thanks for your time!

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    2. OnkelAlfa


      Trying it out in WoT now.


      Autohotkey worked in windows as does this program, but it did'nt work inside the game sadly.


      Crossed fingers that this work in WoT :)


      It sadly does not work ingame.

      The game does not get any input from the mousewheel, so i cant scroll out/in.

      hold that :)


      It works! Thanks alot Visn0r - pm me your paypal email please


    3. Visn0r


      No worries m8 glad to help. Keep your money and have a beer on my behalf :-)

    4. OnkelAlfa


      I´ll even give one to the wife then! :) Appreciate the help!

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