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    Cranks Neil Diamond over comms.

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  1. Updated Recruitment Contacts, DVSDrummer is back! For recruitment contact: SurgicalSteal WhiskeyWon1943 DVSDrummer55 _Rosco or XxKryoxX
  2. Recruiting Active players with [-_-] 2300+ recent WN8 OR 1800+ Overall WN8 for Strongholds, Clan Wars, Skirmishes, and platooning!
  3. Updated* For recruitment contact: SurgicalSteal WhiskeyWon1943 XRager1 Stabz _Rosco or XxKryoxX
  4. XxKryoxX, on 13 May 2015 - 4:41 PM, said: Enjoy is back and we are seeking Active Tankers to join us! ~Want to join Enjoy [-_-]? ~ We require our members. [-_-] Regular use of our Teamspeak 3 server to improve individual and team performance in platoons, team battles, strongholds, and clan wars. [-_-] Maintain a positive attitude and enjoyable environment for fellow clan mates. [-_-]Seek to improve average clan statistics. [-_-]Respectful gameplay in all battles. [-_-] Enjoy using the [-_-] tag in creative and annoying ways t[-_-]t. - ~ What can Enjoy [-_-] do for you? ~ [-_-]We're focu
  5. haha yeah, it was. You can send me an invite anytime lol, depending on whether I'm busy or not I'll join you.
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