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  1. WG thought of ppl like you I hope they massively change things about this ranked- and most importantly about this bondage system. The way it is now I'd actually have to pay other ppl to grind bonds for me since I can't reschedule my entire day to fit in a couple of hours every evening for weeks on end. This is me as a rather above avg player, don't even want to think about all them dads that want to min-max. I played 5/5 battles during the first evening and everything was pretty ez, altho ppl don't seem to know how to win and prefer farming windows applications starting
  2. While watching over the hordes of degenerated stoopids on the official forums the mods might have lost their sanity, if they had any to begin with - I mean they became mods, but this is dumb. While irl u have to rephrase everything close to primary or secondary 'reproductive organs' and whatnot u get punished for doing so simply cuz mods want to, they want it bad. Whether it is 'for the lulz' or to kill any spring of 'resistance' and cause of disturbance. #freeshishx #fuckmobilewotlabs #3
  3. Your pc is worth more than my entire flat inc furniture and myself
  4. 1st M60 NA ? That'd make 3 on EU/NA then. Kolmiopaavo, Orzanel and U. (can't check the marks spreadsheet atm)
  5. Had to make a new twitter acc and got automatically recommended to follow a few peeps... only Tag I added was Fgt ...
  6. > ppl qq'ing about LT-15 for 260
    > lets roll the dice
    > ez prok 1st try 9k spot + 1,3k dmg


    Too bad dis dude's acc is at t28  :trump:


    1. BlackAdder


      Wait for 15.4.

      > lets roll the dice

      > lets roll some more

      .... 300 games later oh nice open spotting map


  7. 60+ Was playing some t8 prems for the lulz and had no time playing other shit to get rid of my profits
  8. Is there an equivalent for EU? Gib pls, wanna see if I'd have made it on the llist with all dem hax n aimbots I seem to use NA getting all the nice stuff, once again
  9. How do they even have buildings, 28% wr for 17 defenses in the past 28days
  10. wow my bad, thought after its been in the game forever now its there/available for some reason.. .. k checked, sorry breeeze but WG decided to fuck with you, CDC it is
  11. tbh I personally prefer the Mutz over the CDC, even in SHs. Try to get an acc to test them both and how they play these days.
  12. Just came online to play a few. Had to buy some more booze.. I blame @vernl for not telling me earlier.
  13. Decided to wait til I get a stable internet connection. Can deal with arty, rng, tks and stuff, however, having an avg ping of 400 and up to 25% packet loss made me rage a few times, so I quit some time ago. Nothing changed. I didn't play much tanks in the first place, but I play more casual games like Fallout Shelter atm.
  14. -tie or bow tie ? -fav colour of underwear and type of underwear ? -chest girth ? -fav workout ( /method ) ? -2x E50 = E100 ? -Why has WG introduced less efficient AP ammunition for so many tanks like M46,E50,50B,T-54 and 215b ? I feel cheated for not having the choice of a proper gold round. -Streuselkuchen or Apfelstrudel ? -what device do u prefer to Go-Green and what is your fav. flavour, if any -fav. male actor ? -anime y/n ? (pls no) -fav. WR padding tank (solo obviously) ps: <3
  15. qft, solo q and just chill while enjoying some South Park or Family Guy. One simply has to accept.. there are ppl u can't help anymore.
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