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  1. Victory!
    Battle: Fjords
    Vehicles: IS-7
    Experience received: 2 498 (x2 for the first victory each day)
    Credits earned: 57 981
    Battle achievements: Top Gun, High Caliber, Kolobanov's Medal, Pascucci's Medal, Mastery Badge: "Ace Tanker"



  2. Tfw you are grinding T-10 marks, and you have a great game. Suddenly your team collapses, and you die quickly, but think you have done enough for the third mark. Check back in garage, 94.98 % :QBFlip:

  3. Victory!
    Battle: Arctic Region
    Vehicles: T-54 ltwt.
    Experience received: 1 689
    Credits earned: 50 703
    Battle achievements: 3 Marks of Excellence, Confederate, Mastery Badge: "I Class"


  4. How to ruin your own life in sesongs, a DIY 

    "Look at it grannie!"


    1. Lowlife555


      hehe tegnehanne er morsom

  5. Veit is streaming again bois!!

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