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  1. Mistakes were made in the abbey game. When you go in on the Grille everyone on the enemy team has shits on you. Instead of stopping in the open you should keep moving forwards until the e100/vk b cant shoot you. Same goes after you killed the grille, you are in a pretty hopeless situation and stopping and trying to snipe the vk doesnt make it better. 


    Try to limit the amount of enemies youre engaging at the same time

  2. Imo the best line to go down is the Light Tank line. Really potent and easy to play tanks that will give you a hint of whats awaiting you (atleast if you play them more like mediums than scouts). It takes abit more xp, but you save yourself the struggle of going through other tank lines that are much worse.

  3. As PityFool said, playing below 15 fps will affect how well you perform. I played my first 8k Battles on a Laptop getting around 10-15 fps usually. Leading shots were very hard, and I found myself having to autoaim many shots due to screen almost freezing when entering scoped mode. This also makes tracking people while doing damage abit trickier. As soon as I got myself a new pc I started performing better, so for me it really had an impact on my gameplay.

  4. 16 minutes ago, KingYoshiLuca said:

    so there is a 1/3 chance to get this matchmaking, you can meet both of them in all of the matchmkakings so it doesnt matter.

    49 tier 10 tanks possible, 0 tier 10 tanks possible in your mm

    36 tier 9 tanks, all of them possible

    69 tier 8 tanks possible, all of them possible

    51 tier 7 tanks possible, all of them possible


    so 36+69+51=156 possible tanks


    15/156 chance you could have met leopard and 14/156 chance you could have met t44 (in addition to leo)

    so 35/4056 chance to met these 2 tanks.


    Leopard has 12% or 10% chance of fire, don't know fuel tank so, I take engine stats.

    T44 has 12% all the time.


    so either 3/250 to set both on fire with 1 shot, so 6/250 with 2 shots or 1/100 to set them both on fire with 1 shot or 2/100 with 2 shots.

    that means either 35/202800 chance to set both of them on fire, and exactly them or 210/1014000 chance to set both of them on fire, and exactly them.

    35/202800 ~ 0.017258382%

    210/1014000~ 0.020710059%



    It probably makes no sense whatsoever bSQ6B8Z.png



    I have no problem understanding Maths, its my favourite subject

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