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  1. Any purples up to play a few matches with me and give some pointers?


  2. Who has OTTER TeamSpeak address?

    1. ArrogantWorms
    2. Hellsfog




  3. Can someone explain to me why the amount of decent players running around in 430U's spamming HEAT as top tier seems to be going up? Honestly think its time to treat them like Type 5's, focus and nothing else 

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    2. Va1heru


      @Assassin7 113 has 7.91s reload with full setup, 430u has 8.1

    3. Assassin7


      huh, I could of sworn the 430 was at like 7.5 or something. 

    4. Va1heru


      With improved rammer and vents, yes

  4. 2 days of posting on WG forum and a 7 day forum ban for calling a VILIN player a newb. Its like I was never gone

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    2. ArrogantWorms


      Ohhhh, yea me and Volier got into it a few times. 

    3. ArrogantWorms


      Ohhhh, yea me and Volier got into it a few times. *update to say my ban got extended, after a mod went through my posts and found me saying I agreed with someone else when they called pubbies stupid

    4. Archaic_One


      I barely post here and I really like most of you guys, I cannot be bothered to even troll the NA forums when 99% of them are too stupid to even understand they are being trolled

  5. I have a theory that WG has stock in a lot of alcohol refineries and breweries. Its a win win, we get drunk to play tanks, and cant stop playing.
  6. It has been most brutal. When I have a YOUJO guy and his shitty toon mate trying to shit talk me after spamming heat from their 907s, does that mean I win? I think he traded the belt for a cable. I just want pratoons so I can get gud and the shit talk in the garage stops I wish someone would stage an intervention with a sledgehammer and either my fingers or the computer I dont want to add it all up. Thats a lot of beer.
  7. Yes bro. After being brutally rejected by Relic for bad tier ten stats, I once again solo around in hopes that one day, someone will notice me
  8. Any Uni's have good Standard B replays or tips up? Search bar is returning nothing

  9. EU play style, someone please explain it to me


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    2. DirtyACE7


      What is the CABRA equivalent on EU?

    3. nabucodonsor


      @DirtyACE7 you may ask what isn't the equivalent, it'd be much easier to answer. 

    4. kolni


      If CABRA is a bunch of retards who always used to run 6 O-I and one light in old SHs with full camp every time, 4AM def time and constantly attacking lower clans while having an average WR and wn8 of 45 and always being toxic it's probably GE-PL, ARCAN and it's subclans and 5TAR5 and their subclans


      and also every other clan

  10. Made an EU account if someone on EU wants to come play badly with me


    1. CandyVanMan


      What tiers do you have? 
      I'm willing to play, but I refuse to play below tier 8 (KV-2 is the exception).

  11. Must have been after I stepped down and left. I always thought good trolls should be rewarded
  12. Being Canadian doesnt mean you wont rage lolol. Trust me, I just finished a 30 day chat ban When did you get kicked/asked/molested in Petco??? Curious minds wish to know
  13. Hey Solo, selling an old app gaming account that I wasnt using. If the sale works out, Ill send it to you, take care
  14. lefh and e-25 recovered. hope the heavies enjoy their patch off, time to cancer

  15. After not playing for weeks, I logged into this gem. 

    I can troll without actually being in game I guess 


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    2. cavman276


      Yeah the shitter got all over my ass a long time back about how shitty I was, how I was useless as a human and needed to kill myself cause my stats were green.  Really fucking vitriolic stuff.  He got my panties in a giant twist.  A while later my overall and recent were both higher than his, so he can get fucked.  I can say I regret the message but I still feel the same way.@Whole_Nutmeg

    3. ArrogantWorms


      Do you want a cookie? If you improved because of my rage, then you are welcome, now stop being a whiny little cunt of a bitch


    4. cavman276
  16. Two games to Ace the Ripper. Thank you Mutz infestation

    1. graukatze


      Kek. Took me 1 game today to get Ace. 4k damage. Such retardism. So many with 2k battles total, only tier 7 max... and then they jump into the Mutz.

    2. ArrogantWorms


      I was sidescraping in the Patton against 3 different putz's, and they started to shoot HE at me

  17. Keeping in mind I haven't played it for a while, did they kill the IS6? Its complete butter now and the gun handling sucks

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    2. TheMarine0341


      Sigma distribution change (more shots towards center, but far less concentrated) and they buffed several standard 8s. I miss the days of raping IS3's with 175mm AP

    3. Joebob73


      Lots of tanks got minor pen buffs/armor buffs that make the IS-6's armor/gun less reliable against them.  And then WG went and introduced the jap heavies, which are just retarded.

    4. ArrogantWorms


      basically that i guess Marine. The accuracy feels off. And my turret, which would occasionally bounce a round before, is penned non stop


  18. How bad is Czech tier 8? Need some input

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    2. Kitten


      hi wormsy <3

      pretty terrible, t9 and t10 are good tho

    3. Flaksmith


      AW has been alive for months

    4. neokai


      Not that bad with the top 88, but not much good either. Think P2 with slightly worse gun handling but slightly better silhouette and gun dep.

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