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  1. Looking for recommendations for which tier X to grind (I have no tier X's). Please no arty, TDs, or LTs.  

    Considering grind to top, which tier X do you all think is most rewarding? Thank you for any comments.

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    2. Tarski



      a pretty decent grind

      That's all I said. 

    3. hazzgar


      I hate the is2 grind. It is giving me cancer. Maybe I will have some spare day to powergrind it but it is so unreliable. Weak armor + Super derpy gun is a bad combo

    4. Tarski


      I think it was my first tier 7. I didn't play the IS until a couple years later. That might color my memory of it. 

  2. Good 'ole M-I-T Hope you all are doing AWESOME!!!
  3. Here is a clan that will help you for FREE!! (if you're in to that sort of thing) M-I-T
  4. To quote a classic movie, It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.
  5. Saying bye to tanks for a bit, have a new hobby.


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    2. GunnSm0ke


      @Matross It's a V10, but still good for 610hp =)

      @hallo1994 2015 Huracan 610-4

      @1n_Soviet_Russia It is for now and I'm not!!

      @DirtyACE7 Thank you, I certainly am enjoying my break!!

      If I remember I'll post my lost in the desert, duckface, peace out pic later!!!

    3. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      I am ready to talk business 

    4. PityFool


      Life goals right there

  6. Another GREAT night of M-I-T count-ins. Minions were clogging up battles everywhere! They even got to ram kill the Commander.. looking at you RomanWar... revenge will be mine... Monday night rotation of training, count-ins, SHs is taking shape. Come join in on the fun!!
  7. Paging @Rexxie, Just saw in your replay thread you repurchased this. I will be picking this in the next day or two. Wanted to ask your recommended setup? Thank you!
  8. My Minion senses were tingling... Check us out if you like M-I-T
  9. VERY fun night of count-ins and SHs last night with some of our new members!! Expect more of this
  10. With my current schedule I can only really play tanks early on the weekends. Like 8:00AM MST to about 11:00AM or Noon MST. Is anyone alive then and would want to platoon? If so please please please please respond. Mostly playing T6 thru T8, plenty of pref8s as well. Thx in advance!
  11. I've read it depends on your crew, if you have vision skills vents, if not optics.
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