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  1. I might be the only one but I loved how the Porsche turret looked on the KT anyway the 8,8 L/71 on a T7 prem with better stats than the Tiger H?Count me in bois
  2. For those who love the Brit TDs and slow well armored tanks there is simply no better tank to play than the AT15A. The tank has incredible armor for its tier and even at T8 the armor is relevant.Gun wise the AT15A lacks alpha however it has crushing DPM to melt tanks and with amazing characteristics to boot.Finally the speed, the AT15A in this respect it lacks with its top speed at 20kpm and while that is slow its not a deal breaker if you have map awareness I was surprised by how often I made it to a flank in time to carry.As for why I think its the best AT series AT it has everything the AT1
  3. Enjoy the AT15 armor the Torts is worse tier for tier.
  4. Ladies and gentleman [--Z--] is offering temporary recruitment for players who want to participate in the Armageddon clan wars event.What we bring to the table is a highly experienced caller and player Zerberius,a chance for players who want to try out clan wars, a good shot at grabbing an IS5 and a TOG load of gold.Finally if you decide to stay [--Z--] can offer officer positions for outstanding players and spots in our excellent Skirmish team. Requirements are comms,CW viable tanks, and 2K WN8 56% WR recent.Post in this thread if interested.
  5. IS6 is still a monster besides who aims for the Super P spaced armor anyway?
  6. Ive been on the sidelines for a long time on buying a Super P now seems the time to buy before it will be removed.So my question is does the Super P make enough money to offset some gold use and is the tank enjoyable to play now?
  7. A well played IS8 can bully the E50 with that nice 122mm gun but be very aware that your depression sucks and turret is lackluster go with the hevs if you are top tier when you are not top tier go with the meds.The only time you dont go with meds is on a map where depression matters like Sand River.
  8. Im sorry but my my KT's 105 L/68 does not miss a static waffle 9 at 200 meters twice unlike the L1A1
  9. Loved my Tiger 2 because the gun feels better than my Torts L1A1
  10. I am new to the "issue" (I not sure if anyone cares anymore) of reworked mm so if this idea has came up in the past I apologize.Now what I propose is that mm balance the top 3 skilled players in a match. This can be done by forming Team A followed by Team B note that the metric will have to be WG's own to avoid legal issues(I'm not sure how reliable it is) also in this mm the players tiers will not be the same for the sake of rapid mm.I feel this idea for mm will address problems such mighty bluenicum or unicum platoons demoralizing the enemy team,unbalancing the match and contributing to blow
  11. I actually want to see a training room full of KV5s vs IS6s to see who win the crown of best RU prem who would be interested?
  12. I dont mean to be a ass but I have better stets in my TOG than your overall
  13. Stock AMX40 the Lee was a joy compared to this steaming pile of elephant shit.
  14. The only thing good about the Tort is the gun and that gun is only useful at destroying people stupid enough to sit in front of your gun even then you will always take damage while killing someone because the tank has worse armor than the AT15.
  15. IS4 is just so sluggish and does have a gun that can alpha bully meds like the IS7 does
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