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  1. True in more ways than one, M5 was fun with the old Scott turret and 75mm, then was nerfed into the ground. Nice to see all the other lights catching up.
  2. Why is this not Strv K. Kranvagn hull with Centurion 3 (elite tier 8 turret) and 105mm Natogun. That would mean slightly more upper plate (5mm), more lower plate (40mm), 35mm side armour compared to the current tier 10 and would make it a decent heavium (historically lighter with proper (higher) engine HP. But no. Clone. Yays.
  3. I originally wanted this to be a tier 7... the gun had 300 HEAT pen in reality.... which is not too terrible for a derp at tier 7 on a paper armoured turretlessTD. Its also a shame it does not have the historical -16 depression and 230hp engine.
  4. Judging a game like AW in it's first pre-release patch is like judging wot by looking at a video from 2012. It's utter garbage, and not relevant anymore. I don't mind AW terribly now, and will like it a lot in B 2.0.
  5. 3v3 and 5v5 on reduced maps is also being introduced ASAP to restart PvP on NA.
  6. The interesting news today of 5v5 PvP on smaller maps segmented from the larger ones (up to the new 1.8x1.8 one) is also interesting, because 3v3 or 5v5 with platooning disabled could be sustainable on NA. I mean, NA PvE runs well and requires 5 players, 6 should not be an issue.
  7. It currently is, but I did some testing of the total balance pass coming out in February (early model) (you can see a version in Russian streams) and its damn good. The main problem wont be the game or developers (modelers moving to russia but balance is staying at OE), it will be population. Population is at a point where its a death spiral caused by itself, and it will need both Steam and major streamers to kickstart it. The game itself will have exceptionally fair power scaling, for one, and the removal of overhead arty... so there is that. Seriously. Post Balance 2.0 AW will b
  8. Nobody is saying a tier 9 and tier 5 will be equal, but they will be way closer than now. Health scaling based on weight, not tier, means the Abrams is quite healthy. But a M60A2, which can easily pen the very week steel lower plates of Soviet MBTs, is equally heavy as a T-90 and can out-trade with better gun damage. Abrams can also easily be penned by tier 105mm APDS from the side. Its not about making scaling nonexistent, its about removing scaling for the hell of it. More hard stat scaling than before, with far less soft stat scaling. Weakspots also will have logic to the
  9. I reccomend everyone tries it out as soon as balance 2.0 hits, but not before. IMHO Steam and B.20, combined with good reviews from major streamers / youtubers could kick it up.
  10. Personally, I think you should only free XP to tier 6 elite. Tier 6 elite has the same hull of this premium, a better 75mm, better horsepower, no autoloader, and -12 depression.
  11. http://imgur.com/fYr9x4O

    Someone GIFed the amazing camera work at the debate. This happened.

  12. Yes it is. http://imgur.com/a/Q5zGG Specific version needed.
  13. Arguable. The 122mm had better penetration than the 88mm L/56 (less than the KT 88) but could not pen the KT frontally. Instead, it could blast it with HE and kill it. "Shot #1. Target: upper front plate. Shell: 122 mm HE-fragmentation. Result: spalling across an area 300 mm by 300 mm. The welding seam between the upper front plate and the machine gun port burst on 3/4 of its circumference. Internal bolts holding the machine gun ball were torn off. The welding seam between the upper front plate and the right side burst, and the right side was displaced by 5 mm. The tank caught f
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